NYT anonymous “Trump administration insider” opinion piece

On the big radio show this morning – 9 a.m. to noon ET – Jim will be discussing the very unusual anonymous New York Times opinion piece posted yesterday.

Mike Walsh will be a guest on the show today, and he’s got his own commentary posted over at American Greatness … The Spy in the White House, the Dogs in the Manger.

Jim will also take a look at Allahpundit’s updated post over at Hot Air, including this tweet in response to the NYT OpEd.

Michael Walsh points out another disturbing Costas comment on gun control

Our friend Michael Walsh pointed out another issue with Bob Costas’ opinion on gun control. In short, Costas doesn’t know jack about firearms.

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Camp Alinsky Crowd goes … Full Alinsky

From our friend Michael Walsh at the National Review’s The Corner. He’s got a historical piece referencing the “progressive” action in Rochester, N.Y. during the mid-to-late 1960s and how they relate to current protests.

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Thursday Triple Play Radio Show: Breitbart, McCarthy, Walsh

It is the mother of all shows tomorrow. If a lineup guaranteed a place in the Radio Hall of Fame, then dust off my bust. The lineup and topics below the fold. Read more

Michael Walsh: Time to end the spending shell game

Michael Walsh is in-studio today and we’ll be discussing his New York Post article out this morning. He’s also promoting the release of one of his earlier novels available for your Kindle and Kindle apps.

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Michael Walsh: The left’s war on democracy in Wisconsin

It’s Thursday, and Michael Walsh is again joining Jim in-studio. His most recent New York Post column takes a look at the war on democracy funded by big-government unions and supported by the Democrat “fleebaggers” who refused to even come to the table for the past two weeks.

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This is your Web traffic … with some help from National Review Online

Thanks to Michael Walsh over at National Review Online for the kind words about Jim’s radio show and the Radio Vice Online website. Michael has been a guest for the past two weeks on the big radio show, and he’ll be back next Thursday too.

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Early Warning

His first book in the Devlin series, Hostile Intent, became an instant best seller and number one in Fiction, or is it? Now the second in a five part series is on the shelves and available at Amazon. Look inside the book below at the Amazon link. Read more