There’s No More Money – Update: Cavuto Interviews Hannen

Update: Cavuto just finished interviewing MEP Hannen. Video below.

This is a must watch. It is a speech given at the European Parliament by MEO Daniel Hannen, who represents South East England. He is speaking to British PM Gordon Brown. Listen and see if the person he is describing sounds anything like our young President.


These are seas we are sailing into. This is precisely where we are headed. The White House Press Corps is finally starting to get it. I hope Americans will soon too. It is a good companion piece to the AIG I Quit post.

Update:  Cavuto tells Hannen that Obama will soon be trying to sell big government spending to the G 20 … which Hannen says is not only a terrible idea but makes no sense, even to the average person on the street. Listen all the way to the end where he first takes a shot at Republicans for bringing this on themselves … and then compliments Obama, but ina sort of back handed way.


Cavuto went on to ask him if he would consider running for PM. “I am not a PM”, he responded. We’ll see.