Seniors, be thankful this is not 2013

Last week the Congressional Budget Office released the “results” of our 2012 fiscal year.  To no one’s surprise, we had another trillion dollar deficit.  But, there is another troubling number in the analysis, if you are a senior, that is.  The growth in Medicare spending was 3%. Read more

Welcome to Obama’s Medicare

There was an interesting article yesterday about knee replacement surgery.  Before you tune out, this post has a far more important message. Read more

Biden: “Romney will implement Medicare vouchers” – Obama pilots voucher plan already!

In Ohio during an appearance yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden claimed the GOP Medicare plan would result in a bankrupt program by 2016 and become “vouchercare” where those on the plan would be on their own to use a voucher to find insurance.

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“Mediscare”, Part II

Now to the “Ryan” plan.  Actually it isn’t the Ryan plan anymore, it has changed.  Now it’s the Wyden/Ryan plan which you can read in its entirety here.  The co-author of this proposed plan is Senator Ron Wyden (D. Or.). Yes, that was a D. Read more

“Mediscare”, Part I

In most elections it seems that an expected topic is scaring seniors about Medicare…i.e.,vote for the other guy and he will take away your Medicare.  This year’s election will be no exception.  So, I thought it might make sense to review the facts about each parties’ proposal.  I will start with the President’s plan.  Part II will cover the Wyden/Ryan plan. Read more

Annual social security and medicare trust fund report

It is a must for every citizen of the United States to have a Social Security Number. And thanks to the online Application Filing Service, now people can apply for one from anywhere they like. Today, the Board of Trustees for the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds issued their annual report.  You can find a summary of the report by clicking here.  Bottom line, we are now “broker” than we thought last year. Read more

In Dallas – Federal agents discover $350 million in Medicare fraud

The Washington Times actually has it wrong – using $350 billion instead of $350 million. But isn’t that telling? At some point, you have to just say what’s the real difference ya know?

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Obamacare was supposed to improve health care right?

From the Washington Times and – believe it or not – the Associated Press, we learn state cuts to Medicaid continue and more are planned in the future. No kidding?

Someone on the left will soon claim this is a positive result … imagine how bad it could be if we did not pass Obamacare! </sarc> From the Washington Times and AP writer Shannon McCaffrey.

Nearly every state has proposed or implemented a plan in its current budget to rein in costs, and many are considering additional cuts in the year ahead.

For the tens of millions of poor and disabled who rely on the program — approaching nearly one in five Americans — the cuts translate into longer waits for doctors, restrictions on prescription drugs, a halt to vision and dental care, staff cuts at nursing homes and dwindling access to home health care.

On top of that, the article notes some seniors in southern New Jersey are being “assigned” doctors in Philadelphia.

General practitioners do not have to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs, and if they are losing money on each patient they see, they can either demand higher fees from private health insurers (good luck) or just stop accepting seniors as they become eligible for the program.

Do you think mandates on physicians requiring them to ensure a minimum percentage of their patients are one one of these government programs could be around the corner? I’m almost certain of it.


It is unclear tonight whether the defunding of Social Security and Medicare will continue for another two months or another year or, not at all.  Congress, at least those not already on vacation, are still pondering this. Read more

Republicans are finally “catching on”

In other last minute  negotiations, it appears that the one year, temporary payroll tax cut will become a bit more permanent, at least for another year.  This time, however, the Republicans apparently realized that the word “concession” doesn’t mean caving in to Democrats’ demands. Read more