Media conspires to create false stories and discredit Alaska’s Joe Miller (Audio) UPDATE: Palin – Those are corrupt bastards

News staff from the CBS affiliate KTVA in Anchorage inadvertently left a message on the cell phone of Joe Miller’s campaign spokesperson yesterday. Nick McDermott, the KTVA assignment editor, had just ended a phone call with Miller’s spokesperson but missed the ‘end call’ button on his iPhone.

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Sawyer, Vieira display media bias on April Fool’s day (Update)

It’s possible we may be able to provide video soon, but NBC Today Show co-host Meredith Vieira and ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer made complete fools of themselves on April Fool’s day. Talk about the media left-wing.

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Abortion poll story shows clear bias in reporting

So, how do you spin a story that shows 54 percents of Minnesotans are either totally against legalizing abortion or pro-life in general? You title your headline “Nearly half of Minnesotans favor abortion rights, survey says”.

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New York Times Journalism 101 – Not fitting the template? Fake it

On Monday, I wrote about the Obama administration’s failure to come up with a health care tragedy with complete disclosure and candor included in the write-up. The New York Times is having some issues as well, and Michelle Malkin follows up on John Brodniak’s story.

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Kentucky census worker’s murder – not a murder

On Sept. 12, Bill Sparkman, a part-time census worker was found dead hanging from a tree with the word “FED” written on his chest. The statists went nuts, questioning if the “inflammatory” rhetoric of Beck, Limbaugh, Backman, Savage, Levin and Hannity sent someone over the edge and killed Sparkman. As it turns out, Sparkman committed suicide.

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Define Bipartisan Please

This is simply a great catch by the folks at Powerline and it is a must read. We first noted the trend here and thought it was just peculiar to the thinking patterns of Chris Matthews. But Powerline notes the redefinition of bi-partisanship has spread to the Washington Post as well. Please click and read it all.

Is a deal “bipartisan” when only three members of one party support it? Not under the previously existing understanding of bipartisanship. For example, I don’t recall the Post reporting that Samuel Alito had bipartisan support as a Supreme Court nominee even though four Democratic Senators voted to confirm him. Nor was Joe Lieberman’s support of significant aspects of Bush administration foreign policy considered sufficient to make that policy “bipartisan.”

For reporters to assume the talking points, and may I say “key” talking points, of the Democrat party is journalistic malpractice. There is nothing bipartisan about the compromise, just as the American people are not clamoring for Republicans to accept a porkapalooza. As I said in my prior post I cannot find one case where the MSM referred to the votes against the House version of the stimulus bill as “bipartisan” even though 11 Democrats joined the Republicans.

Ziegler’s “How Obama got elected” video and poll confirmed

On Nov. 18, I wrote over at Conservative247 about John Ziegler’s poll and video posted at How Obama Got Elected. Hat tip to Ed at Hot Air who highlights Ziegler’s – not really needed – vindication efforts.

Here are some of the results from the new poll.

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Media bias, it exists – so what?

Little Green Footballs has a post referring to thoughts from two liberal media-types at Politico. To use an analogy, they think if a football team really sucks and will be playing the best team in the league, the coverage for the big-time underdog will be negative as compared to the top team.

So, to prop up the underdog as having an even chance at winning – would in itself – be biased. The problem is this election is not a football game, and although the liberal media is not propping up McCain, they certainly are propping up Obama and Biden.

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Would the last honest reporter please turn on the lights?

Orson Scott Card is a journalist that is not proud of the actions – and inactions – of his brethren in the media. Card is also a Democrat.

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Reporters ask for DNA evidence from Palin

I really would like to know. It’s one thing for Steve Schmidt from the McCain camp to complain about the questions being asked, but let’s go one step further and demand to know who is asking the questions.

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