Evil school loan lenders versus the schools with all the money

On a pretty regular basis during the last few years, we’ve seen stories concerning “outrageous” student loan rates and “unbearably-high” student loan principal amounts. The target is almost always the evil private student loan industrial complex and the employers who just won’t pay these kids enough money to pay off their loans. Should they direct their disgust elsewhere?

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Media hype on firearms – Fox News refers to “exploding ammunition” that’s not

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Taryn Asher from Fox News Detroit doesn’t have a clue as to what she’s speaking about. Plus, the person who fed her the hot tip about 1,000 rounds of armor piercing, exploding ammunition being stolen out of a car doesn’t have a clue either.

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Press still referring to Zimmerman – Martin as a “Stand Your Ground” case

Don’t believe anything you read online. Heck, don’t even believe the stuff I write. The press and gun-control activists keep harping on Stand Your Ground (SYG) laws in various states. They are fixated on it, referring to specific cases as “clear problems” with the law when those examples have nothing to do with SYG.

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Citigroup to to 11,000 jobs, media blames hurricane Sandy in headline

If you’re up early in the morning and wonder what’s going to be big news in the United States in the morning, one suggestion is to check out the UK Guardian. This morning, they blamed a hurricane for Citigroups plan to lay off 11,000.

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Must see TV: Andrea Mitchell once again proving that she is thoroughly outclassed by John Sununu

I watched this clip of Mitchell vs. Sununu in a post debate interview on “Andrea Mitchell Reports” and was laughing out loud at the way Sununu figuratively (a good word for Biden to add to his 500 word vocabulary) beat her over the head with every one of her Democrat talking point based questions.   It was poetry!

But Andrea was undeterred: she tried everything:

1) trying to knock him off message by questioning his use of the word “lazy” for the preezy (dog whistle anyone?)

2) quotes from liberal analysts (the Tax Policy Center) on Romney’s tax plans, debunked by Heritage etc.

3) comparisons to Reagan (not for good reasons)

4) tries to pull tax deduction specifics from him when Sununu demonstrates that it would be stupid

5) tries to trip him up on when Romney came out with his deduction plans for the rich

6) throws up paying for the “Bush tax cuts” that Romney will continue and Sununu reminds her that Øbama continued and supported these tax cuts in 2010  (for everyone) and this year (with the class warfare cutoffs) and what he said when doing so, i.e. you don’t raise taxes in a recession.  Sununu also aptly points out that we are no better off now than then, which the preezy seems not to notice.

Be sure to watch her face on the split screens when Sununu answers. they are PRICELESS!  There are also hand slaps on the desk to accompany her frustration with her failure.

The only reasons I can think of that would get Mitchell to keep inviting Sununu on her show are:

1) she continues to think she will be able to “get” him eventually;

2) it raises her ratings from near zero;

3) the repeated figurative blows to the head delivered by Sununu have knocked any sense of self preservation out of her head.

Watch it and enjoy, it is seven minutes of glorious frosting on the exquisite debate cake Romney served up on Wednesday.

Teens in Chicago brutally kill 62-year old father during “knockout game”

And they video taped the assault and posted it on Facebook. I want you to close your eyes and imagine something … but read the story first.

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ABC’s Ross finds theater shooter may be connected to TEA Party

What a tradgedy in Aurora, Colo. overnight. We send prayers to the families of the victims, and thank the law enforcement community rescue teams and medical staff involved with helping; they need our prayers too. Evil exists, it always has, and always will. But within hours, we have Brian Ross from ABC News finding a possible connection between the shooter and the TEA Party.

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Media still going to Southern Poverty Law Center for racial hate info

Earlier this month, Charles Cooke over at National Review Online learned the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) – a self-described civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry – had absolutely no interest in covering the extremists in the #Occupy movement, violent anarchists who show up at international summits around the world, or gangs of black youths caught on video stealing from small businesses, but that does not stop the media from going to them as a “reputable source of information.”

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Media-types agree: They will support Obama during presidential debates

Of course they will. The strategy at the debates will be to structure the questions to put President Obama in a better position to attack Romney concerning his business experience. They are so comfortable with this .. they are admitting it on air. Read more

Mona Charen’s words twisted in NBC interview concerning Limbaugh’s comments

Illustrating absurdity by being absurd. That’s what Limbaugh is doing here, and the left-wing media at NBC is all over it highlighting the so-called outrage on the left.

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