Matthews to Wall Street: No money unless you can explain why you have it

First, I am sure this is my last Matthews post for a while. Well I am pretty sure.

But, I … well I just could not stop laughing. Chris Matthews and guests Pat Buchanan and Ron Brownstein kick Wall Street around (deserved) but then demean the entire system. Paraphrasing now but it boils down to … these guys on Wall Street produce nothing … and thus deserve nothing.

Oh, and stick around long enough for the Matthews, Brownstein hypocracy hit … they love the money we make on Wall Street … just not the people who make it happen. Perfect view from the left.


It really shows a fundamental lack of knowledge of the capital markets. I won’t defend the size of the bonuses these guys get but I will defend what they do. They generate the “paper” as Brownstein puts it … that builds the buildings that house the people that work the machines, that make the products that raise the standard of living that capitalism built.

As for explaining why you deserve the money? Matthews reportedly makes $5 million?

The NBC cable network refused to share salary details with the New York Times, save for the most humiliating one: Matthews is still making more or less $5 million per year. In October that would have been 25 percent more than Olbermann made. Now it’s roughly 33 percent


I’ll tattoo Obama on my chest!

No it’s not what you think. This is Phillip Dennis of the Texas Tea party and it’s not a statement he makes in support of Obama … but a challenge.

A worthy opponent of Chris Matthews. Matthews game is to draw out hypocrisy in his opponent and the easiest way to do that is to talk about the “Bush” deficit. But Dennis hits back and hits back hard. The Obama deficit makes Bush look like a piker.

As for what took the Tea Party folks so long to push back? Dennis handles that too by saying “We didn’t vote for em in 2006 or 08.” I would have said … it took 1.6 trillion dollars to finally get our attention.Either way, Dennis is great.

Oh … and don’t you just love the “redneck” line. Go get em Phil.


As for the Bush deficit line…. hmmm … he was a darn piker.

There is no question that President George W. Bush did increase the federal deficit to a historic $700 billion through 2008. However, Obama is adding another $1 Trillion to that already historic level. Whatever increases Bush did during his administration, Obama is matching and raising to almost unimaginable levels.

And don’t forget this chart:


If you want to watch the entire 9 minute interview go to Hot Air. My computer wasn’t working properly last night. But Here’s the other relevant portion of the interview. It occurs just before the portion above. Well done my man.


Now you’re gun toting racists

We dealt with this yesterday on the show … but it certainly, it is worth watching for yourself. Chris Matthews, bless his heart tried to explain why an avoid communist killed JFK because he was influenced by right wing extremism. His guest Gerald Posner (Daily Beast) agrees the protestors are just a loaded magazine away from going violent.

If it weren’t so  sad … and this kind of talk dangerous in itself for continuing to stoke the flames … it might be funny.


And let’s not forget that the only incidents of violence out there have been from the pro Obmacare folks … check out Steve’s post from August, “Thug Morning Wrap Up”. Then, remember this one?


Oh by the way, he has since filed for workers comp. No, not Gladney silly, the thug who conducted the beating.

Matthews on Palin, Steele and God – Scary

Well yes … just the thought of him talking about this is scary … but its actually a word he uses to describe Governor Sarah Palin speaking about God. Read more

Peeling Away

Support for the young President among his media friends is beginning to peel away as Powerline points out in these two posts. Here … and here. Then there’s this link from Instapundit that details the growing disenchantment among the media elite. Jennifer Rubin gives the rundown.

They may need a support group before the month is out. They could gather in New York or Washington where many victims reside. The meetings would start: “I’m Maureen [or David]. I’m a duped Barack voter. And I’m mad.”

The ranks indeed are filling with the disaffected and the disappointed — Chris Buckley, Maureen Dowd, David Brooks, David Gergen, and even that gynecological sleuth and blogger Andrew Sullivan. And then there is the very angry Marty Peretz. Their complaints are varied but expressed with equal amounts of remorse and bitterness. They all have been done wrong by Barack.

And as if that’s not bad enough … Chris Matthews sounds like he’s had enough too … at least with the pork laden Omnibus Bill. A promise is a promise, Mr President.


Perhaps Chris should read Jim Geraghty over at National Review, and then he would understand everything Obama comes with an expiration date.

The Screamin’ Voice Of Reason – Update: Begala Speaks

Update: Makes sure you also view our companion post “Food Fight.” Begala speaks.

In light of the news from the Politico that the entire Rush Vs Obama smackdown was a prehatched, prefabbed, political plot by CNN/White House pundits Paul Begala, James Carville, Rohm Emmanuel (and as Ed Morrissey points out Obama himself) Pat Buchanan’s input is on the mark. When you can’t govern … politic. Or, when Rome is burning … play that funky fiddle.


Oh … and here’s a bit from the Politico piece.

The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville included Limbaugh’s name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration, when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

Which kinda puts this clip I posted in January (and went national) in perspective doesn’t it?


These guys are good. Or is that bad?

Halo Slipping – “The Thrill Is Gone”

Jim Geraghty pointed this out … so … I watched. Here’s what Jim wrote over at National Review:

I can hardly believe what I’m watching on MSNBC right now. Chris Matthews is almost critical — no, not even almost, he’s flat-out critical of President Obama on the economic front.

Howard Fineman of Newsweek says Obama has been “grim and a little distant at the same time … Tim Geithner hasn’t inspired any confidence anywhere, as far as I can tell.”

Matthews: “He seems like Barney Fife to me.”

Eugene Robinson: “I actually referred to him as Doogie Howser, Treasury Secretary, and I think it’s a little unfair.” Much laughter ensues.

Here’s the video … with editing for brevity. My favorite part is where Chris thinks Obama should go away for a few weeks and learn the economy. Ha!


The thrill’s gone. Oh wait … no it isn’t.