Matthews: Stop bitching about the deficit and name some cuts – Congressman Ryan: OK, fasten your seat belt

This is a perfect example of why, when a Congressman knows his stuff, he can handle even the dumbest questions. Matthews demands, name one item you will cut from the budget. Ryan, I’ll name more than one. Here we go. Read more

The racist right wing talkers have too much power over …. Obama?

Oh … how much longer must we put up with these, you know, racists? How much longer will they exert their influence over, not just crazy right wingers, but … be still my heart … the President. Here’s a quick recap of the lefty wizzards of smart (hat tip Rush Limbaugh) last night on cable. The premise: the President is not to blame for firing Shirley Sherrod … it’s Fox News, righty blogs, righty talkers, yada yada, etc. etc. who forced his ever gentle, always accommodating hand that wields the power.

For your viewing pleasure, I think. A lineup of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Cynthia Tucker (Atlanta Journal), someone named Errol Lewis (NY Daily News), and Wayne Henderson. Nothing like throwing around charges that someone is racist without … ummm … proof?


Got that? The right snookered the President and the media. Matthews is right … it is crap. Here’s the exit question, as AP would say at Hot Air. Who would have though Andy Breitbart and Fox News had this much power over the President?

Matthews to Inglis: Isn’t being educated a disadvantage for you as a conservative?

Ahh, the perfect Republicans for Chris Matthews. Congressman Bob Inglis, who was just defeated in the Republicans party, maybe a little bitter, maybe doesn’t understand what just happened to him and other Republicans, maybe can’t see a change coming. Whatever the reason, he’s more than willing to take a whack at the Tea Party and Matthews eggs him on. Read more

Matthews on the Tea Party: “They have guns, it’s scary.”

This is old, it’s tiring, and it’s really starting to tick me off. Chris Matthews with Andrea Mitchell yesterday afternoon is promoting his upcoming special on “The New Right” and the Tea Party. Mitchell gives him the chance to promote the show … and Matthews feeds right into the lefty paranoia machine. “They’ve got guns. It’s scary.” Read more

Chris Matthews tells Connecticut: I wouldn’t vote for Blumenthal

Hey, this is from the Democrats, democrat. The conversation starts over the latest Q poll and Matthews wonders why people in Connecticut support a “lier”. Matthews doesn’t buy the apology and can’t quite figure out why the polls show him with such a big lead. Me too. Read more

Shahzad failed bombing will turn Tea Party into dangerous bigots, or something

It’s Matthews at his best, supported by two Tea Party hating formers CIA officials. It starts with Baer worrying that the next terror bomb will rip at the very fabric of the country empowering crazy folks like the  … Tea Party! Oh the humanity.

Drumheller follows quickly with the next terror bomb dropped by an Islamic jihadist will stoke prejudice against …. Islamic jihadists. Matthews wraps it all into a neat bow with his”perhaps they just don’t know any middle easterners like I do” thing, or something.


Once again, Tea Party are right wing extremists who are basically uneducated and ready to pounce, unlike the calm we see at the illegal immigrant rallies, eh?

Flashback: 2004, Matthews wanted Bush to fail?

That was then, this is now. From Hardball the day after the re-election of George W Bush term 2. Just to refresh your memory, Kerry was supposed to win, beginning the big progressive comeback. It didn’t happen and so the left began their “frog march” to frog march the President out of the White House in cuffs.

Read more

Another WPA: Matthews suggests we work on … railroads

You lefties crack me up. And you make fun of us for talking about the Reagan era. You guys can’t get the “New Deal” out of your system. You get it that the natives are restless because of high unemployment and you think you can calm those “Bible thumping, gun toting, PBR swilling, sister kissing, gapped tooth righties” by putting them to work fixing you lunch or something.

The only similarity between 1933 and 2010 is there’s a Democrat at the helm of double digit unemployment, and, as the White House said yesterday, we can expect that kind of unemployment for years to come. The reasons are similar too. Government is sucking up all the capital and refusing to release the free market from overbearing mandates, all in the name of … jobs?

This morning Washington Post columnist called on the President to start another WPA. Spoken like a man who hasn’t dug a ditch in a while.

If we expect U.S. manufacturers to rehire all — or even most — of their laid-off workers, we’ll be badly disappointed.

That’s why the nation needs a public jobs program in addition to a policy of helping small businesses grow again. The infrastructure investments Obama proposed will go part of the way toward meeting that goal, but specific programs of public employment, such as those created by Franklin Roosevelt and that notorious radical Richard Nixon (who signed into law the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, or CETA) are needed as well.

Remember too, the work force of 1933 is much different than today. I hardly think a laid off bank teller, insurance clerk, or investment advisor will be well suited for WPA work, but that’s just me.

Then there’s Chris Matthews who noticed we are not enough like Europe. (OK, we are when it comes to unemployment now, but I digress).They have big fast trains that carry his children to and fro across the landscape while they “study abroad”. Let’s put you laid off insurance folk to work building, trains?


So you see, instead of let them eat cake, it’s let them lay ties.

Palin crush finally revealed

I knew it, you knew it … now we all know it. Chris Matthews last night discussing the Oprah/Palin interview, strangely hammers her for going after Katie Couric (which she does not) and then proceeds to not only praise her amazing political acumen, but then suggests she may implode once she gets the nomination.

This bite reveals two things: his obvious crush on the girl, and what he fears most, a Palin nomination.


What’s an Obamaite?

Welcome Hot Air readers and much thanks to Ed Morrissey.

Or maybe it’s an Obamaniac? Chris Matthews asks what sounds like a kooky question … but in reality, not so much. For once he nails it. Obama is no Reagan and Chuck Todd nails it … he has no core … and thus nothing for his acolytes to run on.


When there is no core, there is no movement. Reaganites indeed embraced lower taxes and smaller government.

But Matthews and Todd are wrong. For those who bought into the hopey changey thing it seems like there is no core, no movement, but in reality there is, it’s just a hidden agenda of big government, higher taxes, greater intrusion into private lives. It’s just you can’t run for office on that platform and win.

That’s why Obama was “just words”, a blank slate where you can just fill in the blank. Now the blanks are being filled in and people don’t like what they are reading and seeing.

Maybe Glenn Reynolds is right … people are beginning to wake up.

That’s no surprise — as that magic was a largely substanceless froth whipped up by campaign consultants and compliant big-media cheerleaders.

The truth is, Obama wasn’t ready to be president when he ran in 2008. When he started, he probably thought he had no real chance — he himself admitted upon entering the Senate that he wasn’t qualified to be president — and that his first run would simply be a PR effort that would lift him to the top ranks of Senate Democrats.

When, to everyone’s surprise, resentment of the Clinton machine crystallized around him, he wound up beating Hillary for the nomination, and found himself riding an out-of-control express train. He rode it to victory, with some help from erratic McCain actions.

But he was right the first time about not being ready for the Oval Office. As president, he seems confused and a bit distant on the issues, leaving the details to congressional Democrats and an ever-growing number of “czars” while he golfs and launches attacks at Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.