Matthews more convinced than ever that … Palin’s running for President

Come on, give Chris credit. He’s been on this since 1773. This time, he may be on to something. Read more

Those Chilean miners would be dead if they were in the … Tea Party?

Yes, another Mattews post. But this is just too great to pass up. Matthews goes on one of those very special rants as he explains why the government is good. His guest … AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, of course, concurs. Read more

Without the minimum wage we would be …. Cambodia?

I love Hardball. Where else can you get great material for your blog like this? Read more

Matthews: Karl Rove is one of those guys out there wearing white ….?

The issue is foreign contributions to US organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce. Not only does Matthews accept the premise that the Chamber is indeed using foreign money to push for its favorite candidates, but then accuses Rove of being one of those guys who wear white … well you tell me. Read more

Matthews calls on Obama to dump his teleprompter again

… and make the woman at the CNBC town hall meeting his campaign manager. It is a rare moment on tape from the MSNBC crowd. Clearly they see the young President is out of touch with America, which of course can happen when your idea of a quick getaway is a cookout with Oprah and the NBA crowd. Or maybe its the traveling chef he brings with him on vacations? Or maybe it’s the vacations, or the parties or the … oh never mind. Line of the day: “She’s better then he is.” Indeed. Read more

Buchanan on Tea Party enthusiasm: It’s the making of a great movement

I hate it when I have to post two bites from one show, but heh, it is what it is. Matthews and Pat Buchanan talk about the Tea Party fire in the belly and the … Buchanan’s words … making of a great party. Well, as Glenn Reynolds might say, only if they listen. Read more

Matthews to Tea Party: I’ve waited all my life for this kind of fire

It’s just he thought it would come from the left and not the center/right. It’s a pretty nice analysis and my guess is Olby won’t be happy. Matthews isn’t saying Republicans will win because of the grass roots fire in the belly, he’s just saying he admires it? You tell me. Read more

Matthews gets a thrill, again. A thrill, not a tingle. Got That!

Too much. As my son and I watched this last night we both had to chuckle. No, not that he still gets a thrill … but that he had to correct his guest. Ha. Read more

Matthews to Inglis: Maybe you guys hate Obama cause he’s black? UPDATE: “I forgot he was black”.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaacist! Read more