Matthews thinks Obama is perfectly perfect. Plus refers to blacks as “your crowd”

This video made the rounds yesterday via Townhall but the best part came immediately afterward when Matthews refers to MN Congressman Keith Ellison has “your crowd”, calling blacks the real Americans. Read more

Weiner’s biggest sin: lying to the press?

I’d like to think there’s true remorse here. No, not on the part of Anthony wiener. I’m sure he’s sorry especially after his wife got a hold of him. But I wonder if there’s true remorse on the part of the mainstream media. The big networks never covered this story until yesterday. And the lefty blogs couldn’t wait to go after Andrew Breitbart. At any rate my little mobsters here is a little Weiner for you, and my take on the story. Read more

Ann Coulter: If Christy doesn’t run he’s a jerk. Matthews: Republican field of dog pound

it’s a “twofer” my little mobsters. Ann has never been one to mince words, which is why we love her so much. The simple fact is she could very well be right.  Chris Matthews on the other hand is squealing with delight. Video below the fold. Read more

Mark Halperin to Chris Matthews: No, actually Chris, Medicare is going broke

Call this post the “Education of Chris Matthews”, or maybe, why progressives don’t excel at math. Or maybe this is just frustration and denial at the ultimate demise of socialism. I am not sure. But one thing is for sure, Mark Halperin, now an MSNBC analyst, won’t last very long with his new employer if he keeps challenging conventional lefty wisdom. It is truly an awesome moment. Read more

Matthews to Michael Steele: Were you afraid Republican white guys were scared of you?

Heh, I’m not sure this is top news … but, well another example of post racial MSNBC. Should I laugh or should I cry? Even Eugene Robinson could not contain his laughter as Matthews poses his feel good racial question to newly deposed RNC Chairman Michael Steele. The man who almost forgot Obama was black … strikes again. Read more

Cavuto to Chris Matthews: I’m pissed

Fat seems to be a theme in Washington these days and frankly, it’s starting to really tick off one Neil Cavuto. Now you know how much I love Neil. He rarely takes offense at anything said about himself, but often at simply ridiculous comments made by others. Well we have one of those moments my little hostage takers … and this time the target is …. drum roll please … Chris Matthews. Yea! Read more

Matthews goes nuts on Senator Sherrod Brown, “You blew it”

An awesomely awesome lecture from Matthews to lefty, and may I say, endangered Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, on why Democrats like he should not be hammering Obama for making a deal. It’s fun watching the left melt down, especially when their own wholly owned subsidiary MSNBC lights the match. Read more

Matthews: The thrill is gone

As Campaign Spot’s Jim Geraghty said this morning on the show … it just hasn’t been the same since he had his leg amputated. Another Chris Classic. Read more

Matthews: Ya know you tea party people remind me of … nazis?

Typical … Matthews is commenting on the Rand Paul supporter who stepped on the MoveOn member before a debate in Kentucky. That video is below as well. The money line, “When has a liberal politician had a thug step on someone?” Hmmm, don’t know .. let me ask Kenneth Gladney. Read more