Justina Pelletier may be heading home soon – Video

I’m posting this today because I know Jim has discussed this topic on the big radio show in the past. I’m not too familiar with the case, but The Hartford Courant has an update story this morning, and I found a video of Justina supposedly shot last weekend, where she begs the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to let her go home.

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The Masachusetts plan to control health care costs

Yesterday, the Massachusetts legislature passed a bill which Governor Patrick is expected to sign, that is claimed will dramatically lower health care spending in the state.  How will they do this? Read more

What Romneycare has cost Massachusetts

Today’s Boston Herald reviewed the results of findings made by Suffolk University’s Beacon Hill Institute concerning the effects of Romneycare on the state of Massachusetts.  It should come as no surprise that Romneycare is an abysmal failure. Read more

When you comin’ back, Mitt Romney?

On Thursday, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R.?) gave a speech extolling the virtues of Romneycare (the Massachusetts precursor of Obamacare), while at the same time criticizing Obamacare. We covered the speech here.  After listening to it, I can only assume that Governor Romney hasn’t been in Massachusetts for a while. Read more

A tale of two states: Connecticut and Massachusetts

There were two articles in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that caught my eye, one involving Connecticut and one involving Massachusetts.

On the Connecticut side, the piece is entitled “The Anti-Christe”.   Read more

Evergreen Solar

While on the subject of energy, those of you who do not live in the Bay State may not be aware of Massachusetts’s recent venture into solar power.  Succinctly put, it isn’t pretty. Read more

Brookline School asks permission to say the Pledge of Allegiance

Well, one, it’s in Massachusetts, two, it’s Brookline, three … well you get the idea, right? A report from Boston’s Fox 25 news and a very merry one indeed. Apparently a Bay State law requires that state schools say the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of each say. This school in Brookline has been resisting. They finally have capitulated … once a week. But it gets even better. Read more

Small companies begin terminating health care benefits in Massachusetts

As many expected, some businesses in Massachusetts actually have accountants – or maybe just calculators – and have figured out it will be less expensive and more stable for their business plans to drop health care benefits for employees and pay the fine.

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Too much: suspected illegal immigrant hits MA Rep Mike Moran and laughs

A Bay State Rep gets rear-ended by a suspected illegal alien and the perp responds by saying, come and get me copper. In any other state this is the kind of story that would come down on Governor Deval Patrick like a ton of bricks. After all, he’s the guy that made it illegal to check for illegal, you know what I’m saying. But the best part of this story is the absolute arrogance on the part of the alleged perp. Read more

Thousands game the health care system in Massachusetts

Barbara Vicevich – contributor here at Radio Vice Online – discussed the Massachusetts health care plan this morning on the big show. Sure enough, has the story about short-term customers gaming the system and raising costs for everyone else.

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