Aurora theater shooting: A failure directly related to our mental health system

I was speaking to Jim the other day about the reluctance of people to “get involved” with the mental health of friends and family members. Honestly, I’m guilty. It’s not a stretch to be aware of a constant stream of strange attitudes, inappropriate comments, excessive drinking, depression, anti-social behavior and other “quirks” of someone we know and say nothing. After all, we’ve been conditioned for years not to judge people, since some folks are just “different” and that’s OK. For the Aurora and Newtown shooters, it was not OK.

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My opinion will not be silenced – Conservatives have rights!

Saturday’s events in Tucson were tragic. For reasons not explained, some 22 year-old nut named Jared Loghner made the choice to visit a peaceful gathering of people, kill six and severely injure 14. Evil manifests itself in many ways all the time, and this is one example. For media pundits, bloggers and politicians to take this evil act and assign blame to anyone other than the shooter and his own demons, is unacceptable.

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