The “Drive-By” President and the Ground Zero Mosque

To paraphrase one my favorite Rush Limbaugh expressions in regard to the media, Obama looks more and more like a “Drive-By” President, certainly on the issue of the mosque but it also applies to the Health Care debate (“There may have been a few stray cats and dogs in that bill”) and of course the “stupid cops” controversy in Cambridge, MA. Read more

Lefty press claims Obama can’t get angry because of racist right

This is too much … oh and yes … it’s also another media indictment of the “Tea Party”, and frankly this is starting to get a little old. Every time this President gets in trouble, which is often, the main stream media rides to the rescue with the charge of “raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist”. It begins with yesterday’s column in the WP by Jonathan Capehart … and concludes last night with an interview of Make Halperin of Time. Read more