Total hit piece launched on Marco Rubio by Reuters

David Adams at Reuters probably thought his attack piece full of half-truths and a few outright lies about the finances of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) would be read by only a few since all of the attention these days is on the GOP candidates. Boy, was he wrong.

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Rubio: a nation where prosperity and compassion exist side-by-side

Senator Marco Rubio, the once and future president, spoke Tuesday night at the Reagan library at the request of Nancy Reagan herself. It is a stirring speech, as the young senator carefully crafts and outlines the role of government in making the United States once again a country that encourages prosperity but does not ignore compassion. video follows a major portions of the speech that you need to hear begin around the 6 min. mark. Read more

Florida’s Governor Crist: Thoroughly confused about Obamacare

We learned in a news interview yesterday that Florida’s Governor, Charlie Crist would have voted for Obamacare, that is, before he voted against Obamacare, which was, of course before he voted for Obamacare.

Those of you unfamiliar with the Florida political landscape should know that our “Republican” governor really, really wants to be its next Senator.  When Senator Mel Martinez (R. Fl.) resigned earlier this year, Governor Crist was able to appoint his successor.  He appointed George LeMieux (or, as many Florida news reports called him, George LeWho?) to fill the vacant seat.  Senator LeMieux was a close personal friend of Crist, and had every intention of stepping down when Martinez’s term expired at the end of this year, thus, or so thought Charlie, paving the way for Crist to be swept into office.

Problems arose for Crist when Marco Rubio entered the race for the Republican nomination.  As time went on, it became clearer and clearer that it would be Rubio, not Crist who would win the nomination.  So, Crist did what any loyal upstanding politician would do…he decided to run for the Senate seat as an Independent.

Yesterday, in an interview, Crist was asked how he would have voted on Obamacare.  His answer…”I would have voted for it“.  You can see the entire interview at this link.  (Sorry about the political ad before you get to the interview.)

Within hours, Marco Rubio had this to say:

In less than 30 days, Crist has gone from voting against the bill to voting for it to now being against it again.

And, Kendrick Meek, the Democratic nominee for Senate, had this to say:

Obviously, the governor is having a crisis of memory.

Not to be outdone, here is what Crist’s campaign office released: 

Apparently, based on an interview this afternoon, there may be some confusion regarding my position on health care,” Crist said. “If I misspoke, I want to be abundantly clear: the health care bill was too big, too expensive, and expanded the role of government far too much. Had I been in the United States Senate at the time, I would have voted against the bill because of unacceptable provisions like the cuts to the Medicare Advantage program.

Got that?

Crist for Senator…now there’s a guy you can count on to remain steadfast in his political beliefs, and who will keep his campaign promises…if he remembers them, and if it is convenient to do so.

Charlie Crist: Back Waxes and Desperation

The race for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida gets better every day. Rubio, the tea party’s choice, has come from way back to a big lead and Florida Governor Crist sounds more desperate every day. Read more

Florida US Senate race: Rubio on his way to raising $787k by Feb. 10

In an effort to raise campaign funds for his GOP primary run against Charlie Christ for the Florida US Senate seat, Marco Rubio racks up more than half of his $787,000 goal. The Stimulus Bomb campaign ends in three days. The Rubio campaign is looking for $1,000 in donations for every billion of the federal stimulus boondoggle.

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