The Obamacare & Economy Effect: Part-time employee hours being cut

It’s the economy, it’s company restructuring, it’s Obamacare. Companies are reducing the hours of part-time employees as a result of changing business conditions. It’s not exclusively about Obamacare, but for the administration to claim the so-called Affordable Health Care Act is not partially responsible for any of it is pretty ridiculous.

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Obamacare…while you were vacationing

By now, you know that on July 2, the administration postponed the implementation of the Obamacare employer mandate until January 1, 2015.  I’m sure you remember Nancy Pelosi in March, 2010 marching to the Capitol with a giant gavel proclaiming that Obamacare would soon be law.  She wanted us to know that this was an important moment. Read more

Obamacare too important to allow midterm elections to destroy it

When I heard the Obama administration had unilaterally delayed an important milestone in the Affordable Health Care Act, I had to chuckle. Certainly there may have been some implementation issues, but you know this move was to delay the implementation – at the employer level – until after the midterm elections.

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Government mandated drug testing … slippery slope in West Virginia

One of the problems I have with government-mandated testing for those receiving government assistance is simple. If that’s appropriate, where does it end? In West Virginia, a delegation is suggesting kids must pass a series of three drug tests before getting a drivers license.

From CBS 13 in West Virginia, with my emphasis in bold.

A bill introduced on Tuesday in the West Virginia House of Delegates could require the 16-year-old to take a drug test before he ever gets behind the wheel. …

Del. Joe Ellington (R-Mercer) introduced the potential measure. He said it would forbid the DMV from granting permits and full licenses to minors unless they’ve passed a series of drug tests.

“We’re trying to keep them from bowing down to peer pressure to use drugs,” Del. Ellington, a part-time blogger said. “If they’re really motivated to get their driver’s license, they won’t start it to begin with.”

Since we certainly want to avoid problems with drugs in the United States, why not propose the following?

  • A series of drug tests for every student – at random – multiple times per year. We don’t like drugs in school. Fail a test, the kid gets kicked out, are banned from seeing their old friends, and the parents must pay for private tutoring.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs is bad and kills innocent people every day … random drug testing multiple times per year for every driver. Take the cars away from the drug users.
  • Parents should not do drugs around kids. Any parent with a child younger than 18 years old needs mandatory, random drug tests. Their kids should be taken away if the parent or parents are doing drugs.
  • Drug abuse costs American society billions and billions of health care dollars each year, this cost is too much to bear. Drug testing is cheap, and by requiring random drug testing we can save billions … and many lives.

That should just about cover it… but did I just define a police state?

Kathleen Sebelius speaks the truth

Today, a major provision of  Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius’s health care law will take effect…employers must provide coverage for contraception and abortion, as she has mandated. Read more

More federal government threats concerning state teen driving rules

It continues. Here is another example of the federal government politicians and bureaucrats sticking their collective noses into the rights of the people and the state. Again, they’re threatening to hold back federal transportation dollars if states don’t capitulate to the demands of Washington, D.C.

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Over-regulated: Feds demand public pools have ramps and wheelchair lifts

Why, just tell me why, the federal government feels the need to inject themselves into this issue? Can’t the public pool management just have a simple conversation with the people or families who need access to the pool and work it out?

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Should employers have to cover gender reassignment surgeries?

Some people think yes, they must do so or they are guilty of discrimination. Sandra Fluke and Karen Hu wrote a paper for The Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law in 2011 that reviews employment, hiring and termination discrimination in the workplace against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered and queer (LGBTQ) employees. All fine and good. But then …

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Drive the point home like a Buick

This is a great piece of legislation from our friends in South Dakota. Click here for the full article.

Five South Dakota lawmakers have introduced legislation that would require any adult 21 or older to buy a firearm “sufficient to provide for their ordinary self-defense.”

Obviously this is not going to (or even meant to) pass. This proposed South Dakota bill emphasizes that setting a precedent of mandated purchases is dangerous!  Even if you think that mandating health care is a good idea I am sure you can connect the dots with this metaphorical legislation and recognize that this notion of mandated purchases is a poor one.

Obama says look at excess regulation – How about calorie counts on menus?

Yesterday, President Obama had an OpEd piece – yes, he really did – in the Wall Street Journal calling for a review of regulations that place “an unreasonable burden” on business. Let’s see if he is serious. How about nixing the stupid part of the health care legislation – a.k.a. Obamacare – that demands restaurants with 20 or more locations put calorie information on their menus?

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