Lupus Fundraiser photos from the New England Air Museum

Tonight was a great night! We’ll post more details and photos as we get them, but thanks to a bunch of people who contributed their time, money and resources, Jim thinks the total raised during the event will be more than $75,000.

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Let’s Dream Bigger

Thanks to all of you, and a boatload of others, our anonymous donor is now $25,000 poorer. Read more

Dream Big

My brother has a vision for for a hospital in Connecticut that will help those with auto-immune diseases…lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, and many others. Read more

Senator Rand Paul to Obama energy official: Leave my toilets and lightbulbs alone

Or something like that. This video actually is a good narrative on why so many Americans find greater government control on our personal lives antithetical to the American way. Watch the whole thing as Paul takes on another busy body from the left. Read more

Help us “Find The Cure” for Lupus

Starting at 10AM we will present a special edition of the Jim Vicevich Show. Sandra Raymond, from the Lupus Foundation of America will be joining us, as well as Lisa Sartorius, the President of the Connecticut Lupus Foundation, as we take some time to raise money for Lupus research. Click here to contribute. Look for the “DONATE NOW” on the left hand side of the donate page. Read more about Lupus below the fold. Read more