LA Police makes driver’s licenses optional, will ignore state impound law

In February, I wrote about LA Police Chief Charlie Beck wanting illegal aliens to be offered driver’s licenses. Beck suggested illegals were being disproportionately hurt by state mandated impound laws. Since he did not get what he wants, he’s just going to stop enforcing the law.

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LAPD stop seizing cars of illegal aliens

In a move that will raise eyebrows across the nation today, Police Chief Charlie Beck has ordered officers to stop seizing the cars of sober illegal aliens who are stopped at checkpoints. But get this … if you’re a legal resident who does not have a valid license your car will be impounded.

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LA Health Officials to show kids how to use ecstasy safely … in the name of safety?

If only this were an “onion” story but, alas, it’s not. LA County officials have decided the best way to keeps their kids safe when it comes to drugs, is to … umm … teach em how to do it? We’re doomed. Read more

Will California “boycott” the energy they get from Arizona?

There seems to be plenty of huffing and puffing from Los Angeles politicians as they beat their collective chests about banning travel to, and doing business in, Arizona. But will the politicians refuse to take energy – and water for that matter – from their neighbor state?

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1,000 medical-marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is having a slight issue with the number and location of medical-marijuana joints in the city. There are an estimated 1,000 dispensaries in the city – as compared to 26 CVS pharmacies – and the city is looking to close the facilities near homes, schools and public gathering places.

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California’s food police

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Los Angeles City Council using the Jessie Jackson Shakedown Plan to force big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes to add buildings – with services – to their property to support “day laborers.”

Not to be outdone by Bernard Parks – the councilman who proposed office space for illegal aliens – Jan Perry, another city council member, has proposed a law to put a moratorium on new fast-food joints for the next year. No more Carl’s Jr. for you son, you’re too fat. Read more

Los Angeles really goes over deep end – demands office space for day laborers

Imagine this. You own a business on a street where a illegal aliens tend to congregate. Illegal aliens – and probably some U.S. citizens – hang out there in hopes of someone driving by and offering them a few hours of work.

These gathering places have developed from coast to coast. Since many of these day laborers work construction and landscape jobs, they tend to hang out near big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.

Now imagine your town passing an ordinance that requires you – the law abiding business owner – to construct a building that provides shelter, bathrooms, trash cans, drinking water, Internet access, English tutoring, free long distance calls, a copy machine and a Western Union office to the day laborers. Read more