All the President’s taxes

While we are still learning the complete details of the President’s new tax proposals, allegedly to be used to reduce the debt and deficit, some in the Senate have already offered their thoughts. Read more

Lieberman: No … I’m an independent, but I’m against raising taxes.

Sorry. A little late getting this up. But as Sister Patrick used to say, “Jimmy, better late then never.” But then Sister Cecilia used to say, “Jimmy, better never late.” Ha. Some things never change.

Joe Lieberman on with Neil Cavuto two days ago declares his independence but hints Republicans have talked to him. Bottom line, “I have to be about the people’s business.” Read more

Lieberman on Fort Hood massacre … terrorism – Update- roundup

Connecting the dots in a way no one in the media seems willing to do. I understand why the President intends to hold back, but as you listen to Joe detailing Hasan’s background, it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion.

“He shouted out according to bystanders the words Allahu Akbar … and the fact that he did that at the moment of these murders if that’s confirmed, raises a genuine concern that this was a terrorist attack.”


Just minutes later Joe warns that not all terror comes from overseas and then proceeds to list the attacks on American soldiers. Connecticut more dots.


The Senator makes a compelling case. How long will the media ignore?

UPDATE: If you want a roundup and links about Colonel Maj. Hasan, Hot Air has a fine post here. (My bad folks. I have Colonel on the brain. It certainly was not my attention to give him a promotion. Still, coming from a Navy family, not bad if that’s my only mistake. Again, sorry)

Call to action: Today, tomorrow, until they stop this health care bill – Update: Ronald Reagan speaks

There’s no time like the present. There’s no time like the immediacy of now to praise those who are willing to stand up for all of us and vote against this crummy health care bill.

If you are new to this site we have detailed since June the many defects in both the house and the senate bills … too numerous to mention here, but a quick search of our site will provide you with enough background to understand why we need you to call. Here’s a good place to start with the SOS.

Click here to call Senator Lieberman and tell him you support him and his decision to block this crummy bill … then make sure you call those Democrat Senators in those states where their re-election may hing on this vote and tell them you may not live there … but you will work for their defeat if they vote for:

  • health care rationing
  • exploding deficits
  • exploding health care costs
  • funding of abortions
  • the end of competition
  • increased taxes
  • government control of health care protocol

Some other Senators you might want to contact:

Senator Evan Bayh, Senator Mike Bennet (CO) … he was appointed, Arkansas’ Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu, Virginia’s Jim Webb and Mark Warner, Montana’s Jon Tester, Nebraska’s Ben Nelson, North Dakota’s Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan and Delaware’s Thomas Carper

Call them. They need to hear from you.

UPDATE: Need some inspiration? How’s this?  From Ronald Reagan’s 1961 campaign against socialized medicine. You can hear it all here at Wyatt McIntyre’s channel.


Confronting Iran: Obama, Lieberman, and Reagan

Some people get it. Some leaders understand that leadership requires courage. It also requires a conviction in principles … in this case that freedom is universal and needs to be defended. Tyranny needs to be confronted and defeated. That victory rarely goes to the timid. With that in mind … here is Obama’s response last night (finally) to the Iranian election and subsequent protests and violence. Milk toast.


and here’s what Connecticut’s Senator Joe Lieberman thinks should be said.


and here’s what the Gipper said in confronting evil.


I rest my case.

Lieberman pushes back on Obama and Gitmo release

Cavuto called him the thorn in every one’s side last night … Indeed … especially for the young President. Read more

Secret ballot vote will decide Lieberman’s fate

In today’s Hartford Courant Jesse Hamilton reports the United States Senate will handle Joe Lieberman’s future within the Democrat leadership with a … secret ballot. Lieberman currently holds the chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, a powerful position that some Democrats – including two senators from Vermont – think should be stripped from the Connecticut junior senator.

Here is the funny part. Democrats are going to be using a secret ballot to determine Lieberman’s fate.

Read more