Levin tears into the subprime crisis lies

Mark Levin – a great constitutional scholar – has a radio program on WABC in New York at 6 p.m. ET after the Hannity slot. I enjoy listening to him when I can and his book, Men in Black, helped me put into perspective how the judicial branch of the federal government got out of control and started legislating from the bench.

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Half of Obama supporters think SCOTUS rulings should not follow Constitution

This is a brutal assessment on how liberals think the Judicial Branch should make decisions. For conservatives, this is beyond the tipping point and concerns me more than any political or economic subject. Almost half of Obama supporters think that judges should base decisions on what they think is right or fair.

That’s right, almost half of those who will be voting for Obama in November think it is perfectly fine for judges to make rulings without concern to the Constitution and current law.

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New York Times fails math and basic tax collecting courses

On Tuesday, I saw a headline at the New York Times Web site, Study tallies corporations not paying income tax. This type of story is right up our ally since our readers know that corporations don’t pay taxes; people do. I didn’t get to research the story on Tuesday, but Power Line just provided a kick in the head tonight and reminded me about it.

It turns out that Lynnley Browning and editors at the Times can’t understand basic logic. They figured since two out of three corporations in the study did not pay any taxes, they might as well take the total gross receipts of two-thirds of the companies and assume that 35 percent of that should be tax going to the feds.

They calculated that the government was being cheated out of $875 billion. Idiots. Read more