Cavuto vs Marshall … Tea Party smack-down

Fun stuff and a classic Cavuto smack-down with California talk show host Leslie Marshall. The last 60 seconds is classic. Read more

Conservative talk radio becomes minority whip

This is all pretty new to me. Conservative talk radio, including our host Jim Vicevich and others including Limbaugh, Carr, Savage and Hannity, all seem to be stepping up as leaders in the Republican party. Maybe they are not the true leaders, but as soon as Obama told Republicans they had to stop listening to Limbaugh, it seems like they tuned in.

Maybe this is a good thing, I’m not sure.

I was reading this article on Fox News and got a kick out of the following statement by Leslie Marshall, a liberal talk show host who is nationally syndicated.

Leslie Marshall, who’s on the liberal end of nationally syndicated radio hosts, said Limbaugh will not derail the stimulus but will have fuel for as long as the package is being executed. She suggested the conservative talk giants are in a good spot right now.

“Rush Limbaugh came to glory during the Clinton years because he had somebody he could bash, in a sense, and liberal hosts have been having a field day for the last eight years,” she told, explaining that nitpicking the opposition party is “part of why people listen to us.”

Leslie, I’m happy that your show is successful, but goodness grief, did you just suggest liberal hosts have been having a field day for the last eight years? You – liberal talk in general – may have had what they consider a field day, but I would not say it was successful day.

She mentions that Rush became popular during the Clinton administration since he had someone to bash, but that does not explain his success during the Bush 41 presidency.

If Limbaugh came to “glory” during the Clinton years since he had someone to bash, why was there not one liberal host that came to “glory” during the eight years of Bush 43?