Lemar Alexander with Cavuto: Obama Nixonian

Well he’s not the first. Krauthammer and Rove said the same thing right here. But this is a Senator who’s been there and seen that so it carries a little more weight. I agree with Rush. I think this does nothing. This doesn’t even give Obama a tingle.


The object of the game is the same. Isolate your opponent, define and destroy, which any good psychologist will tell you, is very typical anti-social behavior. Actually now that I think about it, typical anti-social behavior is to befriend someone. Then when they are no longer useful, devalue that friend  (trash them among other friends), then discard them (umm, usually figuratively). But we know this group has never done that … right Reverend Wright, Docs, Wall Street, Chamber of Commerce, et al?

But no worries … only 3% of all anti-socials are really, really dangerous. That’s the good news. Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya?