Fox vs Fox smackdown: Megyn Kelly vs Kirsten Powers

Without question, one of the most entertaining segments I have ever seen on Fox News. And what makes this clip even more spectacular is that its a Fox anchor against a regular Fox analyst. Read more

Another liberal who has not read the Arizona illegal immigration law

This is just too much. How a wizard of smart can appear on a Sunday Morning Talk show to talk about illegal immigration and not have read the law. I love Kirsten Powers because she is generally pragmatic, but clearly when you get into a smack down with Brit Hume, you had better know your stuff. Or, in this case, did she know her stuff but rather exposed her bias? Read more

Ben Stein and Kirsten Powers Mix It Up

From Geraldo at Large Aug 4th. The discussion is about gun violence in the US and the inevitable drift into politics. Geraldo asks Democrat Kirsten Powers if the political climate today contributes to this. Kirsten responds with the inevitable Republicans have made up their minds to fight Obama at every turn. Ben Stein’s head explodes. Good viewing.