Phony scandals and the middle class

Fortunately, thanks to several speeches given by the President this week, we now know that Benghazi, the Department of Justice’s targeting of journalists, the IRS’s targeting of certain groups seeking tax exempt status, and NSA’s interception (and storage) of certain information about our daily communications, are all phony scandals. Read more

More political pandering…the Keystone Pipeline

Today, President Obama killed the Keystone XL Pipeline. That project would have brought 700,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Canada to our gulf coast refineries to be processed.  And brought us approximately 20,000 most needed jobs.  But, the project has now been shelved, once again, until after the 2012 election. Read more

Republicans are finally “catching on”

In other last minute  negotiations, it appears that the one year, temporary payroll tax cut will become a bit more permanent, at least for another year.  This time, however, the Republicans apparently realized that the word “concession” doesn’t mean caving in to Democrats’ demands. Read more

Canada tires of American indecision

As you probably heard, last Thursday the State Department put the Keystone Pipeline on hold again.  This time the excuse was to study rerouting a portion of the pipeline that was planned to run through the Sand Hills of Nebraska.  It is anyone’s guess what State will be studying however. Read more

A demonstration of another sort

On Sunday, thousands of protesters descended upon Washington D.C., forming a human chain around the White House. The reason for their anger…the Keystone pipeline. Read more