Tolerant left heads to court – demands private business change

As I was driving into work this morning, something on the radio got me thinking about how the left likes to use the judicial system to reverse the will of the people. It’s a pretty solid tactic if you can get aways with it since instead of having a normal discussion and a vote on an issue, one only need to convince – or coerce – between one and nine justices to your side of the issue.

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Half of Obama supporters think SCOTUS rulings should not follow Constitution

This is a brutal assessment on how liberals think the Judicial Branch should make decisions. For conservatives, this is beyond the tipping point and concerns me more than any political or economic subject. Almost half of Obama supporters think that judges should base decisions on what they think is right or fair.

That’s right, almost half of those who will be voting for Obama in November think it is perfectly fine for judges to make rulings without concern to the Constitution and current law.

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