Karl Rove takes Juan Williams to task on Romney economic plan: Video added

Push back … and great video entertainment for the day. It’s time the lefty talking points get smacked down and Rove obliged.

On Fox  News Sunday Juan Williams tried to make a claim that first Romney had no economic plan while at the same time claiming Romney’s plan just wanted to cut taxes for the rich. Both untrue and Karl Rove smacked Juan down and refused to let him off the mat. Read more

Michelle Malkin to Juan Williams: We’re sick of your snotty condescension! Video

OK, Juan started this fight and Michelle ran with it as iI knew she would the minute Juan teed it up. Make sure you watch it all the way through. I can’t say if there will be long lasting hard feelings on Michelle’s part, but i can say there will be on mine. Read more

Juan Williams on enhanced interrogation techniques – teeth and eyeballs

Does Fox News contributor Juan Williams really think we pull out people’s teeth and eyeballs? He’s got an issue with enhanced interrogation techniques for certain, but when reality is not nearly as bad as you think, do you just start making stuff up out of thin air?

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Democrats come to Jesus moment … now deficit hawks

Somehow I never saw this coming, but maybe I should have. But as you will see below the fold, I think on a state level some Democrats, faced with the reality of billions in deficits, really do get it. On the federal level, not so much. Read more

Juan Williams and Bill Kristol duke it out: 50 seats is a narrow victory.

Ahh, it sure is nice to have Juan back on the left again, and in this bite Bill Kristol is ready to step in and call Juan on this ridiculous statement. At stake …. a steak. Read on, my friends. Read more

Juan Williams fired – how about NPR ‘news analysts’ – Ted Koppel and Cokie Roberts

News analysts at NPR – we are told – are held at a different ethical standard because they are news analysts and not commentators. I’m not sure what the difference between a news analyst, reporter or a correspondent is, but I think I know a commentator when I see one.

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Juan Williams fired from NPR – “When I get on a plane … Muslim garb … I get worried”

Juan Williams was on the O’Reilly Factor (Fox News) on Monday night and said the following in response to a question by Bill O’Reilly. Within 48 hours, his contract with NPR was nixed. He was canned.

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Juan Williams Fired

Nice NPR. Juan Williams, hardly a bigot, always entertaining and often provocative gets fired because he says he gets nervous on a plane when he sees Muslims board in traditional dress? Juan, welcome to the iron fisted world of the lefties. Entry question. How long before Juan becomes a conservative, or at least libertarian? Read more

Britt Hume and Juan Williams get it on: It’s not about trying, it’s about results

With lefties it’s always about trying. Whether it’s Little League or the Big Leagues, trying is the thing. Results? That’s for mean spirited conservatives and conservatarians. Juan Williams and Mara Liasson try to make the case that if Obama just explained more or better or something, he would have the support of the American people. That’s just a little too much for Britt Hume. Game on. Read more

Bill Kristol and Juan Williams “bring it” on AZ immigration bill.

At issue, the Arizona immigration bill that allows police, with “reasonable suspicion” to check ID’s of people it suspects as being the country illegally. There is little question Arizona’s hand has been forced on this bill. Crime, reportedly has risen dramatically, not to mention the strain on  health care services being provided by hospitals that can ill afford the added expense. Read more