Battleground poll – majority consider themselves conservative

Conservatives are the majority. Some may consider us the silent majority since we tend to keep our mouths shut, but again, the most recent Battleground Poll shows our numbers near 60 percent. Liberals and socialists frequently call us racist bigots, warmongers, capitalist pigs and downright mean but maybe it’s time politicians start standing up for conservatism.

Of course, we’d need to get some conservatives to start running for office, but that’s another post.

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Conservative fiscal responsibility – RIP

I’m not a McCain fan, but I’m pulling the lever for him in about four weeks for a few reasons that I’ve mentioned here at Conservative247. But when the Republican candidate spouts off that he wants to use $300 billion in federal tax dollars to go out an buy homes we’ve got a problem.

What’s even worse is McCain suggesting the secretary of the Treasury should buy all of these houses, sell them back back to the people who could not afford them – at a lower price. Actually, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a policy statement.

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Join us for live debate coverage tonight

Although this event has ended, you can review the complete chat transcript here at Conservative247.

Join myself, Jim Vicevich from Sound Off Connecticut and a couple of other moderators as we live blog the debate tonight.

The debate – starting at 9 p.m. ET – is the second of only three debates between McCain and Obama. Held at Belmont University in Nashville, it will be a town hall format moderated by NBC’s Tom Brokaw.

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McCain finally slams Obama on Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae

When you see this post, immediately send it to everyone in your e-mail list. I’m not a big McCain fan, but certainly you’re going to find me voting for the most conservative of the bunch – who is able to win – in four weeks.

Today in New Mexico, McCain brought up the fact that the GSEs failure is the root cause of the current economic situation. Some say he took the gloves off… finally.

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Compare and contrast – McCain and Obama on The View

As Jim Vicevich mentions, The View isn’t really considered a news program, but if you’re wondering who most of the “cast” will be voting for, you need not go further than these video clips.

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Half of Obama supporters think SCOTUS rulings should not follow Constitution

This is a brutal assessment on how liberals think the Judicial Branch should make decisions. For conservatives, this is beyond the tipping point and concerns me more than any political or economic subject. Almost half of Obama supporters think that judges should base decisions on what they think is right or fair.

That’s right, almost half of those who will be voting for Obama in November think it is perfectly fine for judges to make rulings without concern to the Constitution and current law.

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Obama and McCain answer the question – does evil exist?

On July 16, I asked someone – anyone – to ask Obama one question. Does evil exist? It took about one month, but Rick Warren – during his Faith Forum Saturday night – asked both Obama and McCain the question. It’s a valid question and one that many liberals try to weasel out of.

Of course, Obama provided a very thoughtful answer that did not answer the question. When asked the question if evil should be ignored, negotiated with, contained or defeated, Obama said we should confront it. We should confront it? What the heck does that mean? As far as I can tell, that could mean that we yell at them from across the courtyard – leave us alone!

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New York Times Dives Deep Into Teleprompter News

Let’s talk about politicians and how the main stream media treats them for a moment or two. Obama has made some gaffes in front of big audiences and so has McCain. Obama is clearly very comfortable with a teleprompter and McCain is not. In general, Bush 42 is not comfortable in front of an audience at all, but from what I hear, he is quite coherent and comfortable speaking to small groups about policy issues; he makes his points and opinions very clear.

Why is it considered news when McCain can’t pronounce Lexington when reading from a teleprompter? Why is it not news when Obama just fumbles and fumbles when he’s off a teleprompter? Why the hell does this matter?

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Wesley Clark Throws Obama Under the Bus

How else can you explain it? Four years ago, the Democrat elite were saying that only someone with prior military experience could bring the United States out of the at-war condition we were in. Of course Wesley Clark was one of those candidates, but as it turned out, John Kerry reported for duty and pretty much fell on his French-looking face.

Yesterday, Clark visited with Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation and tossed Obama under the bus. Clark inferred that McCain’s military experience – although noble – did not add up to the executive experience needed to be commander and chief. He went on to argue that being a senator and serving on the Senate’s Armed Services Committee for years does not qualify him either.

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McCain Plays Both Sides of the Fence

Were you one of those people looking for a conservative candidate late last year? I certainly was, and I was pretty certain that John McCain was not a conservative. To say that he got slammed in October could be an understatement.

McCain spent most of the fall preaching “comprehensive immigration reform” which included a border security program, guest worker program and of course, a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Almost everyone called this amnesty even though he proposed that illegal aliens would have to pay “hefty fines” upwards of $1,000.

Like they would actually have to pay a dime. [eyes rolling]

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