Joe Scarborough:Look what’s happened to CT since the income tax

It’s flatlined. In a rare moment of candor from Morning Joe cohost Joe Scarborough, the former Republican congressman tries to explain to his lefty colleagues why raising taxes over and over again is not good for business it’s not good for the economy and it’s not good for creating jobs. And his exhibit a is the state of Connecticut. Read more

FOX vs MSNBC: Wallace to Scarborough – living where the trollies don’t run. Comments welcome.

It’s just a fun piece of video but speaks volumes about the lefties and the influence they’ve had on one time conservative Joe Scarborough. Read more

Yes, health care is a commodity

I’ve been hearing the argument that health care is not a commodity for the past month or so. It’s another way to play on the emotions of the electorate, since it’s kind of obvious that health care is a commodity… but it does not feel right to say it.

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