A Slice of Reality for Governor Malloy

Governor Malloy recently announced, during his budget speech, that “Connecticut is open for business.”

Sadly, reality disagrees. Read more

Luntz Focus Group in Connecticut: At least she’s created jobs

Sure doesn’t sound like a 15 point lead to me. Frank Luntz brought his focus group to Connecticut last night to get Connecticans response to the McMahon/Blumy race. Frankly, I was a little shocked. Read more

Finally, the Blumenthal “How do you create a job?” commercial

I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting … and , well, the wait is over. He’s been given many an opportunity to explain how jobs are created and the result is this, Enjoy.

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The stimulus pulls an o fer! Didn’t stop the recession and create jobs

I run this in light of the resignation of yet another Obama economic guru … Larry Summers. It’s a great analysis of how the stimulus didn’t solve anything other than fatten the pockets of Washington elites. But then if you are unemployed … you already knew that. Read more

Why “stimulus” is a bad word

An article in today’s Orlando Sentinel provides a graphic demonstration of why the American public is fed up with Washington’s “solution” to this country’s economic woes. Read more

Stimulus to create 5000 jobs

Great news!   The President is announcing today the “winners” of his “we need to expand broadband in America” program.  Remember, this plan was part of the Stimulus Package passed last year.  And, the winners are…

You’ll have to go to this link to find out, but I will tell you that should you live in Connecticut, Rhode Island or Florida, for that matter, you’re out of luck.  You’ll just have to make do with what you have.  However, should you live in Massachusetts, you will receive $45.4 million to install 1300 miles of fiber optic cables in the western part of the state.  This is most certainly a bargain…it will only cost you about $3500 per mile.

The total amount the President will spend for these projects is only $795 million.  Of course, that’s $795 million we don’t have and will need to borrow from China, or any other country that might still be willing to loan us money. 

But, look at the bright side…Obama claims this spending will create 5000 jobs.  And that translates into… $160,000 per job, most of which are temporary.

Gee, couldn’t we find some cheaper, more long lasting jobs to create?

Good news unemployed workers … unemployment checks are as good as a job

This is really too much. From the woman who wants us to pass bills so we can find out what’s in them, and tells us all to quit our jobs and become violinists, comes unemployment checks are the fastest way to create jobs. Eeeeesh! Read more

Fudging the jobs numbers – Cavuto exclusive UPDATE: By the numbers

Why should I be surprised? The economy is expected to have created a boatload of jobs … except it’s not the economy, it’s the census, and it’s not the census … it’s how the census jobs are counted. If they can’t count jobs correctly, how can they be expected to count people? Read more

Congress ignores ‘Pay-as-You-Go’ rule in favor of jobs bill

The Congress-critters have done it once again. Last summer when pay-as-you-go legislation was passed in the House, it was political theater providing the illusion Congress was concerned about the deficit. But there were loopholes, always loopholes.

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Small business not likely to take advantage of “jobs” bill

Yesterday, I wrote about the $80 billion “jobs” ghost of a bill that did not seem to bring any jobs to the table. President Obama – after serious soul-searching – elected to focus his efforts on jobs, jobs and more jobs. The problem … current legislation for the new package provides few opportunities for job seekers.

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