Washington is stopping job creation

As Ronald Reagan said, government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. This little clip starts with Jim Cramer and ends with Alan Greespan both agreeing. Washington’s crazy socialist agenda of spend and control has business frozen in its tracks with no intention of hiring until absolutely necessary. Watch and learn you lefties.


Greenspan went on the predict lower unemployment by mid next year … but not by much.

The Cramer Critic Continues

Jim Cramer spent some time last night wondering why he’s being attacked for his criticism of Obama’s economic team and policies. The stock market’s in a meltdown … hurting retirements, college savings, capital for business. Stop fiddling and put out the fire.

Cramer deals with the criticism first … Obama and the economy second. Stay with it.


Left Wing Smear Machine? Update: Hotair

Dare to criticize The One? Think twice. Here’s a montage of three men who have felt the wrath of the left when they have criticized Obama’s policies … and ironically enough … all three are Obama supporters. It has left them scratching their heads … but it shouldn’t. Read more

Garden Variety Depression?

It is a classic exchange cut down for your viewing pleasure. Matt Lauer on the March 3 Today Show has guests Jim Cramer and Erin Burnett on to explain the market crash. Lauer tries to put a good spin on it but Cramer places the blame on the current administration for not implementing policies that could stop the slide and delaying policies that won’t help and likely hurt the formation of capital … Make sure you stay with it to the point where Matt and Jim discuss … “Is this a depression?”


Spoken like two men who don’t seem so worried about who this Garden Variety Depression might affect.

Last night Cramer wasn’t backing off. Chris Matthews does his best to defend the President’s actions … and catalogues a laundry list of social programs inacted. Cramer nails it – “The Anvil”.


So I guess its OK to watch our savings fade along with our jobs … but we have to save irresponsible homeowners? We are doomed.

Halo Slipping – “The Thrill Is Gone”

Jim Geraghty pointed this out … so … I watched. Here’s what Jim wrote over at National Review:

I can hardly believe what I’m watching on MSNBC right now. Chris Matthews is almost critical — no, not even almost, he’s flat-out critical of President Obama on the economic front.

Howard Fineman of Newsweek says Obama has been “grim and a little distant at the same time … Tim Geithner hasn’t inspired any confidence anywhere, as far as I can tell.”

Matthews: “He seems like Barney Fife to me.”

Eugene Robinson: “I actually referred to him as Doogie Howser, Treasury Secretary, and I think it’s a little unfair.” Much laughter ensues.

Here’s the video … with editing for brevity. My favorite part is where Chris thinks Obama should go away for a few weeks and learn the economy. Ha!


The thrill’s gone. Oh wait … no it isn’t.