The Nation is in the best of hands: The Holder, Nepolitano, Clapper edition

Not much commentary … just some video for your entertainment. Consider it a best of “Obama National Security” sound for the week. Hey, unless one of you objects, maybe the year. Allow me to set this video montage up for you all: When it comes to race we may be a nation of cowards, but when it comes to national defense, they are a mini nation of clueless bureaucrats. Read more

Nepolitano on NW airline terror attempt: Everything worked fine – Video UPDATE: system failed

These two bites, from NBC and ABC are as much an indictment of the tenacity of the media as it is of the arrogance of this administration. The appearance on Meet The Press, I think, is the best of the three sound bites this morning, because she continues to step in it on multiple occasions. The Director of Homeland Security taking credit for the fast thinking and brave acting of the passengers and crew. Read more

Wash Your Hands

Honestly, what else can she say? Read more