Get ready for crummy health care part 2

The SOS has already blogged extensively on a National Health Care single payer system. So has Steve. So has Dave. So if you need some background you’ve got it. But I did want to get this post up so you can see how emboldened the lefties in Congress feel right now. Why cover your tracks, when you can finally let the mask down? The real goal is not to have a government system that competes with the private health care system. The real goal is to replace it.

Witness liberal congresswoman Janet Schakowsky from Chicago (where else) in her speech to committed single payer folks. Hot Air has the entire rundown.


Once again … another campaign promise that seems set to expire … or maybe the congresswoman just jumped the gun a bit.


Who is Rep. Shakowsky? The woman who called you despicable.

Nonetheless, Rep. Jan Schakowsky denounced the Tea Parties as “despicable and shameful” because said events were in opposition to Obama tax policies, which she sees as a “significant, honorable moment of American history.”