Were unemployment numbers faked prior to 2012 Obama election?

Jim is discussing this during the first hour of the big radio show. Here are the source reports from John Crudele at the New York Post with commentary.

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Left Wing Smear Machine? Update: Hotair

Dare to criticize The One? Think twice. Here’s a montage of three men who have felt the wrath of the left when they have criticized Obama’s policies … and ironically enough … all three are Obama supporters. It has left them scratching their heads … but it shouldn’t. Read more

Memo To Obama: Focus

Jack Welch, former GE CEO,  on yesterday’s Morning Joe lit into the Obama economic team and Obama himself. Rome is burning boys … focus on the matter at hand. Good advice.


Let’s see … yesterday’s distraction while 401ks continued the meltdown was “Embryonic Stem Cell Research”. Very nice. That’s help your retirement. And oh yes, the Dow was down again. Did someone yell fire?

They’re Not Acting Like Investors

Imagine that. Jack Welch, Former GE CEO appearing on Hannity last night I think make a critical point regarding government money being poured into American businesses. They are devaluing their own investment. and perhaps insuring their failure?