Media picking up on my point: Boston’s Menino has no problem with Islam’s view of homosexuality

Finally. Actually, I can not take sole credit for pointing out Boston mayor’s Tom Menino (D) hypocrisy as he targeted Chick-fil-A business owner Dan Cathy’s personal view on gay marriage, compared to his complete silence on radical Islam’s extreme view on homosexuality; death to them…

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McCarthy: The Grand Jihad – How Islam and the Left Sabotage America

I’m thinking Jim should have our friend Andrew McCarthy on this week during the big radio show, but here’s a precursor video overview for you, narrated by Bill Whittle.

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Google fu – Islam search type-ahead feature censored

Google seems to be messing with the way their type-ahead pre-fill service works on their Web site’s search engine. Typing ‘Christianity is’ (no quotes) into the search engine yields interesting suggested searches but the experience is quite different when typing ‘Islam is’.

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