Dodd’s Real Estate Deals

Kevin Rennie has dug deeper into Dodd’s real estate deals in both DC and In Ireland with his friends Ed Downe and William Kessinger (A Pardon For A Friend, A Good Deal For Dodd). The bottom line … it looks like it pays to be a sitting in influential Senator in Washington, not that that should surprise anyone.

Dodd was never required to name Kessinger (on Senate disclosures) as the co-owner of their house on 10 acres of waterfront property on the west coast of Ireland for the eight years they owned it together. As with the condominium, the public doesn’t know who paid the expenses associated with it when Kessinger owned two-thirds of it.

and then this on his Irish estate ….

Waterfront properties on the “Irish Riviera” don’t often come on the market. In today’s dire real estate market, a 750-square-foot, two-bedroom townhouse in nearby Roundstone is for sale for $750,000. A 900-square foot, three-bedroom semi-detached house, boasting of a view of Inishnee, the island where Dodd’s house stands high above Bertaghboy Bay, is offered for $700,000.

Dodd said through a spokesman two weeks ago that the price he paid Kessinger — $122,351, according to the Land Registry, for his two-thirds share in 2002 — was based on an appraisal. He hasn’t released it.

There is a pattern and its not good. A US Senator personally benefiting from real estate deals with “friends” … friends who can personally benefit from Dodd’s political status. In each case Dodd may have benefited handsomely but we do not know because Dodd will not disclose financial documents for any of them.