Krauthammer on Obama vs Ahmadinejad: adolescent

I don’t pay much attention to anything the mad leader of Iran has to say, but as Charles points out, you do have to wonder why the young President keeps extending his hand. As Charles says … he really is “the young President”. Well in terms of emotional development. Read more

Obama sets up anger management session with Dr. Phil for Iran and North Korea

At a United Nations nuclear nonproliferation conference this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid out our nuclear cards, expecting Iran and North Korea to have a “come to Jesus” moment and start playing nice.

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Keep Israel Safe

The Weekly Standard has got its hands on a new video produced by a new organization called “Keep Israel Safe”. Calling a couple friends to see who is behind it … but until then here’s the video.


Earlier this week Scott Bates from the Center For National Policy told us he is concerned that if the US does not do something within the next six months Israel will take matters into its own hands. No one is more in touch with the middle east than Scott and when he rings the alarm bell … time to pay attention.

Hat Tip to Hot Air, we pick you click.

Iran to jail suntanned women, UN appoints Iran to women’s right commission

Tehran’s police chief has ordered a crackdown on suntanned women and girls who walk around looking like “mannequins” in an effort to cleanse “social misbehaviour by women, and men, who defy our Islamic values.” The United Nations responded by placing Iran on the Commission on the Status of Women.

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Iran’s “punch” heard round the world – emergency UN meetings scheduled (Update)

On the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the countries leaders have announced a huge blow to the west. The stunning “punch” leaves western leaders unbalanced as they make plans to meet in emergency session at the United Nations. Iran turned off GMAIL!

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Iran suggests “punch” will stun West on Feb. 11 – Update

What the heck is going on in Iran? I’m going to guess this will end up being a non-story, or more likely something the “West” already saw coming. I don’t expect a nuclear bomb test or major terrorist attack on Feb. 11.

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Iran’s normal rhetoric continues: annihilation for Israel, God willing

The supreme leader in Iran – Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei – has noted he is quite confident the Zionist regime is moving towards certain annihilation … God willing.

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Declaring diplomacy with Iran a failure

At what point does the United Nations or the community of the world declare diplomacy with Iran concerning their nuclear program a complete failure? I’m not calling for an invasion or regime change, but goodness gracious  … how long will those diplomacy experts keep talking about how much time Iran has?

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Whistleblower Iranian physician dead

Well isn’t this just grand. Twenty-six year old Iranian prison doctor Ramin Pourandarjani who went public with reports of torture and murder after the recently-squashed Iranian revolution is dead after a car accident. Or is it a heart attack. Or maybe suicide. Or maybe he was poisoned.

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United Nations under impression nuclear Israel is THE threat

That’s right, Israel – which everyone assumes has nuclear weapons – is the threat to be concerned with in the Middle East. At least that is what the IAEA’s Mohamed ElBaradei said during a visit to Iran this past weekend. Never mind that Israel has had plenty of nuclear bombs for about 40 years and has not shown any interest in using them proactively. Read more