What is a household?

Last week, the Congressional Budget Office released the results of a study comparing average household income in 1979 to average household income in 2005.  Over this 25 year period, the top 20% of  households had a 10 point increase in their incomes (with most going to the top 1%) while the other 80% of households saw an income decline of 2-3%.  Read more

Earn more! Government pay higher than private sector

And the numbers you’ll see beneath the fold does not reveal the huge disparity in benefits provided to those with public sector jobs. In 83 percent of comparable jobs, government employees make more.

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Automatic pay raises for legislatures

Quick post about automatic pay raises. Back in the late 1990s (I think) Massachusetts residents had a big issue with the legislature voting themselves a pay raise. The result was an amendment to the Commonwealth’s constitution that set up automatic raises based on median household income.

I’m sure some politicians quietly smiled, knowing that they were probably going to get a better deal with higher base pay. When things got bad, they could point the the Constitution and blame the voters.

Now of course, with the economy in a downturn, everyone is screaming about automatic pay raises provided to government leaders who are failing when it comes to efficiently running government.

I understand that many of these leaders work pretty hard – primarily trying to get re-elected – but what is the solution? Maybe they should only get paid on performance?

Maybe, it should be an unpaid position where you work only a few hours a week? How many more government laws and regulations do we really need?

Malkin has more today on the pressure Democrats are getting on pay raises.

GOP Sen. David Vitter is causing Senate Democrats heartburn. Good.

He’s been pushing an amendment to the $410 billion omni-pork bill that would repeal the current law allowing automatic pay raises for Congress.

The Politics of Class Envy

Here’s an article on American Thinker that is just up my ally – and well worth a read for our small audience. Obama and all of the populists like to tell you that they understand your plight. You’ve got a right to be mad, especially at all of  those rich people. CEOs make too much money! It’s not fair!

Where do you draw the line? How much is too much? Read more