Texas border overwhelmed with illegal aliens, including children

There is an active marketing campaign to ensure a flood of illegal aliens keep coming from Mexico and Central America. Certainly there are many people south of the border – including the Mexican government – encouraging the migration, but the campaign is actually being “funded” by the words of politicians in Washington, D.C.

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Blanket amnesty, rubber stamp background checks and NO additional border enforcement

Trust me on this. Even if the legislation demands additional border enforcement, you won’t see it. They will just ignore that part of the legislation since they know nobody will do a damn thing about it. The flood of amnesty requests that will “require” a background check will be run through a “rubber stamp approval” factory as only a few applicants will go through proper checks.

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Upcoming immigration reform – here we go again

Political leaders in Washington have been again discussing immigration reform, and it looks like the group from the Legislative Branch is getting ahead of President Obama and his upcoming suggestions by getting a proposal out there.

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He’s a dreamer … let him go

Union representatives for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol are claiming leadership and management is requiring line officers to release – without charges – illegal aliens who may fall into the DREAM-Act category. As usual, law enforcement can’t ask for any papers, even after they have been arrested for crimes.

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French president demands European Union keeps illegal aliens out

This is not a new position for French President Sarkozy, he’s been advocating legal immigration for economic reasons since at least 2007 while restricting illegal immigration. In the United States, he’d be marked a racist bigot.

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Alabama federal court rules on immigration law

Today, Federal District Court Judge Sharon Blackburn of the Northern District of Alabama issued an opinion on Alabama’s new immigration law. The law was scheduled to take effect on September 1, but, in August, the judge blocked the law from taking effect until she had a chance to rule on the arguments raised by the federal government and an assortment of civil rights groups. Read more

I need not follow the law…

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Mexico, et al. v. Georgia

Earlier this year, the Georgia legislature passed a law, scheduled to go into effect on July 1, dealing with illegal immigrants within the state of Georgia.  Read more

Arizona employment law concerning illegal aliens is constitutional

Thursday, the United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting.  The Court held that an Arizona law that provides that the state can suspend or revoke the license of any employer who “knowingly or intentionally” employs an unauthorized alien is constitutional.  The Court also upheld that portion of the Arizona law that required all employers to use E-Verify in their employment process. Read more

Obama on border security … “I fixed it, now let’s talk amnesty”

No, you didn’t. President Obama sent out an email to supporters yesterday claiming he’s solved the border security problem so now it’s time to fix our immigration system and move forward on amnesty. In reality, the Great Recession and the economic downturn is what reduced the number of illegal aliens crossing the border, not security improvements.

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