Los Angeles really goes over deep end – demands office space for day laborers

Imagine this. You own a business on a street where a illegal aliens tend to congregate. Illegal aliens – and probably some U.S. citizens – hang out there in hopes of someone driving by and offering them a few hours of work.

These gathering places have developed from coast to coast. Since many of these day laborers work construction and landscape jobs, they tend to hang out near big-box retailers like Home Depot and Lowes.

Now imagine your town passing an ordinance that requires you – the law abiding business owner – to construct a building that provides shelter, bathrooms, trash cans, drinking water, Internet access, English tutoring, free long distance calls, a copy machine and a Western Union office to the day laborers. Read more

Hartford to go for sanctuary city status

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Not to be outdone by New Haven, a sanctuary city that will issue a city ID no-questions-asked, Hartford, Connecticut is considering an ordinance that will prevent the Hartford Police Department’s law enforcement officers from arresting or detaining illegal aliens that have administrative (non-criminal) warrants.

Yes, read that again. Even if ICE has tagged these criminals for deportation, this ordinance prevents police officers in Hartford from holding them and contacting the Feds for a pick-up. As far as the Hartford City Council is concerned, it’s a federal problem and they don’t want to have anything to do with it.

So much for inter-agency cooperation. Read more

McCain Plays Both Sides of the Fence

Were you one of those people looking for a conservative candidate late last year? I certainly was, and I was pretty certain that John McCain was not a conservative. To say that he got slammed in October could be an understatement.

McCain spent most of the fall preaching “comprehensive immigration reform” which included a border security program, guest worker program and of course, a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. Almost everyone called this amnesty even though he proposed that illegal aliens would have to pay “hefty fines” upwards of $1,000.

Like they would actually have to pay a dime. [eyes rolling]

Conservatives slammed him at every turn for his amnesty program. He relented; with his fingers crossed. Read more

Mexico’s Hypocritical Policy on Border Control

Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon is a hypocrite. Recently he spoke in front of California’s State Legislature demanding that the American people fix our immigration policy. Who does he think he is?

Malkin has the full details including comments from McClintock and Tancredo. This, along with Mexico and our Executive Branch planning to secure Mexico’s southern border is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Take a look at Mexico’s immigration policy; it is pretty strict. Their policies are in place to ensure foreigners do not take jobs from Mexicans.

Shall we review just two aspects of Mexican law concerning buying property and working in Mexico?

The rules about buying land as a foreigner are usually pretty thick, and Mexico is no different.

  • Property may be purchased and owned outright for residential use by foreign nationals outside of the 100km restricted land border zone, or outside of the 50km coastal zone;
  • Inside of the restricted border/coastal zones, foreign nationals may own land through a fidecomiso (a trust) which is set up through a bank and provides for ownership of the land and property in all but name.

What that means is foreign nationals can not buy property for a home closer than 50km from the ocean unless you are willing to sort of own the property. So if the government wants that beach-side pad, they can take it.

What about working in Mexico? No problem, but before you come into the country you have to be sponsored by a company and the position must go through a thorough check to ensure a Mexican is not qualified and wants the job.

Permits are gained from the Mexican Government and are issued to people who are sponsored by companies in Mexico (or foreign companies with Mexican operations / subsidiaries), or by people with specific skills required in Mexico.

Sounds reasonable to me, maybe we should just adopt the Mexican government’s own rules, then maybe Calderon will stop lecturing us about our immigration policy.

White House Plans to Help Secure Border – Mexico’s SOUTHERN Border

You’ve got to be kidding me.

The 2008 budget from the White House has $1.8 billion set aside to help Mexico secure their southern border from illegal aliens from other Central American countries.

This is a pay off for something. Not one dime would go to secure their southern border, and we all know it.

Illegal Aliens Included in Stimulus Package

Update (31 Jan): They are now saying that there is or will be language in the bill that specifically excludes illegal aliens from getting checks. If they can somehow know who not to send checks to, I guess these criminals don’t need to come out of the shadows. It also indicates we know who they are, can go to them and ask them to go home…

You’ve got to be kidding me. Although the so-called stimulus packaged passed by the House yesterday does not specifically include illegal aliens in the payout, it does not exclude them either.

Michelle Malkin and Border Fire Report has comments released by Rep. Tom Tancredo.

Tancredo Assails Stimulus Package “Giveaway” to Illegal Aliens
Bill would dole out millions of dollars to illegals

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Littleton) today criticized the tax package passed by the Tom Tancredo Democrat-controlled Congress as a giveaway to illegal aliens. The package, among other shortcomings, would direct the Internal Revenue Service to issue checks of up to $600 to individuals and $1,200 to married couples, as well as rebates for any children. The legislation does not, however, contain any provision barring illegal aliens from taking advantage of these benefits.

“This package will stimulate one thing for certain: more illegal immigration,” said Tancredo. “It’s just the latest unfortunate example of American workers footing the bill for illegal aliens.”

The bill would allow so-called “Resident Aliens” to receive rebate checks. The Treasury department classifies someone as a “Resident Alien” based on how much time that person has spent in the United States. No proof of legal presence, however, is required. The IRS’ explanation of the term can be found [here].

“Worse, a large portion of this money will just be sent back to the home countries of illegal aliens,” concluded Tancredo. “So it might stimulate someone’s economy – just not ours.”

The bill was considered under a procedure in the House of Representatives that did not allow for any opportunity to amend the bill to restrict payments to illegal aliens.

This is simply election year politics at it’s worst. It’s not as bad as the absolute flood of money that was stolen out of our pockets after 9/11 in the name of national security, but this rebate is just taking water from the deep end of the pool and putting it in the shallow end.

Walter Williams referred to this analogy spoken by Russell Roberts recently. The full column is a must read.

There are three ways government can get the money for a stimulus package. It can tax, borrow or inflate the currency by printing money. If government taxes to hand out money, one person is stimulated at the expense of another who pays the tax, who is unstimulated and has less money to spend. If government borrows the money, it’s the same story. This time the unstimulated person is the lender who has less money to spend. If government prints money, creditors, and then everyone else, are unstimulated. As my colleague Russell Roberts said in a NPR broadcast, “It’s like taking a bucket of water from the deep end of a pool and dumping it into the shallow end. Funny thing — the water in the shallow end doesn’t get any deeper.”

Where do people think this money is going to come from?

I’ll be the first person to cash my check, but I’m one of those taxpayers that actually pay taxes. Since the checks are being sent to “taxpayers” that did not pay any federal tax, the definition of those checks would be federal welfare.

On top of that, if you make more than$150k as a couple you’re out. You get nothing. You’re rich. You’re help in stimulating the economy is not needed. Nice.

Do people get this? By limiting the stimulus to a “targeted group” they are admitting that this is not an economic stimulus, but just a feel good measure. See, Washington is doing something! Feel-good politics at its worst. I feel your pain, and I’m going to give you money.

Welcome to socialism.

Huckabee on Illegal Aliens – As of Today…

I really do not like politicians. They never seem to give you a straight answer, and if you are part of Clinton Inc., the standard operating procedure on any issue is to wet your finger and stick it up in the air. If you’re in Alabama, the answer to a question is yes; in Wyoming, it’s “maybe, but not really.” Nice.

The Washington Times, generally considered to be a conservative-leaning publication, has posted an article entitled Huckabee Vows to Send All Illegal Aliens Home. Mike, don’t mind me, but I don’t believe you. Stephen Dinan writes:

TIGERVILLE, S.C. — Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee yesterday continued to move to the right on immigration during this year’s presidential campaign, signing a pledge to enforce immigration laws and to make all illegal aliens go home.

The pledge, offered by immigration control advocacy group Numbers USA, commits Mr. Huckabee to oppose a new path to citizenship for current illegal aliens and to cut the number of illegal aliens already in the country through attrition by law enforcement — something Mr. Huckabee said he will achieve through his nine-point immigration plan.

Mr. Huckabee signed the pledge in South Carolina, whose Saturday Republican primary is shaping up as the most important contest so far. Unlike the previous primaries and caucuses, which have been contested usually by just two candidates, four Republicans are making all-out efforts here: Mr. Huckabee, former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts.

Malkin has all the info on his past actions. Right, what he did, not what he said.

Loosing a Seat in Congress – What to do?

The Berkshire Eagle Online has a story today concerning the low population growth in the state of Massachusetts. As you may or may not know, a states representation in the U.S. House of Representatives is determined by the population of the state.

“You are definitely going to lose a seat up there,” said Clark Bensen, founder and head of Polidata, a political analysis and census data firm in Lake Ridge, Va., that compiled the report. “There’s no way things are going to stay the same.”

So how do you think that state legislators and politicians are dealing with the issue? Might they try to turn the trend around over the next two years to get more people to move to Massachusetts? I doubt it. (Emphasis added)

Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin, who worked to save the 10 U.S. House of Representative seats in 2000, said he is troubled by the figures but committed to a strong count during the 2010 census.

“It is, as they note, still a projection based on estimates,” Galvin said. “This will be very challenging, because our population growth isn’t robust, but we have unique factors here that I believe might help us up our count.” Galvin pointed to the state’s vast college population — which can be counted if students spend most of the year in state — and to the immigrant community.

“For the size of our state, it’s a remarkable amount,” Galvin said. “We were effective in reaching out to indigenous groups up in Lowell and other locations to make them understand the need to be counted last time.”

Am I reading something into Galvin’s statement? Look, if students are truly residents of the state, that’s fine, but is there any check to ensure that these kids are not being double-counted?

And by the way, what the heck is an indigenous group Mr. Secretary?

On the Web site, I found an article from October providing some information about the Fifth Congressional District race between Democrat Niki Tsongas and Republican Jim Ogonowski.

Of the roughly 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, the Pew Hispanic Center has estimated that 150,000 to 250,000 live in Massachusetts. There are no estimates for how many live in the Fifth District, but Lowell and Lawrence are two of the state’s immigration hubs. According to the US Census, about 38 percent of Lowell residents and 74 percent of Lawrence residents speak a language other than English at home.

Translation: This area is full of illegal aliens, and since these good folks don’t like to call attention to themselves – since they are criminals – they usually don’t like to get officially counted for anything; even attendance figures for sporting events.

The problem here is that Galvin and the state of Massachusetts are not interested in innovative ways to bring new people to the state. Ideas like lowering the tax burden, reducing outrageous business regulations, running a more fiscally responsible government and more personal freedoms are just not on the table at all.

They would rather find innovative ways to count more people.