Obama – “Health insurance … is your right”

No, it is not. A [human] right is one that exists simultaneously between people. In no way, may one of your “rights” diminish the rights of another person. Let me explain the brutal circle here.

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True “human rights” exist simultaneously between people

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Rep. Jackson has the answer – amend the US Constitution to include everything!

Rep. Jessie Jackson Jr (D-Ill.) needs to seek professional help. This is from last week, but it’s just too good to pass up. By the stroke of the pen, Jackson is convinced he can solve all of the problems in the United States. Simply amend the Constitution to guaranty everyone gets a “decent home” and you’ve solved the housing issue!

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True “rights” exist simultaneously between people

Health care is not a right. There, I said it. Our friend Prof. Walter Williams deserves the credit for pushing me to be blunt today, or maybe it’s just the nice San Antonio weather. Either way, a “right” can not be defined as one that diminishes the rights of another.

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