Video from brutal home invasion – nanny cam

I’m not going to use this video as a pretense to suggest you purchase a firearm to defend yourself in your own home, I’m just posting it to let you know what can happen – in the middle of the day – to a wife and mother in her own home.

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Guns Don’t Kill People … They Help People Stop Home Invasions

OK … not exactly the way the phrase goes … but I could add 10 more stories I know of just like this.

Owning a gun is your 2nd amendment right. It is also your responsibility to learn to handle a firearm safely and correctly. But if you take the time to learn, train, and legally purchase a firearm it just may save your life someday. After watching this video ask yourself, if the homeowner lived in a “gun free zone” … would the homeowner be talking to the reporter today. Click  to view.