Question: 30 days ago, did you think Herman Cain would be poll leader today?

I’ll be honest – hell no. Looking back, I was pretty certain that Herman Cain, even before he announced his 9-9-9 plan, really did not have a chance just because of name recognition, political experience and cash flow. So remember this lesson thirty days from now when someone else is in the lead for the GOP nomination.

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Quick CPAC 2011 round-up with videos – UPDATE: Herman Cain

I’ve been thinking about attending CPAC in Washington, D.C. for the past few years. Jim and I have discussed going down for the three days and even broadcasting his show from the venue. I figure it would be pretty cool to meet some like-minded bloggers and share an adult beverage or meal with friends. Maybe CPAC 2012 will be the year?

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Back door welfare or stimulus?

Tucked within the “DEAL” are a couple provisions to extend the “Obama Tax Cuts”. It’s the price Republicans paid to get the extension of the “Bush” tax rates. But Godfather’s Pizza founder Herman Cain sees it a bit differently. Read more