How much did health insurance cost before Obamacare?

I’ve been stuck on this fact. Individuals and families who did not have health insurance coverage prior to Obamacare had every opportunity to research available plans online, compare coverage and purchase coverage. No government websites were ever needed. But now that they have the new pretty government sites, what is the cost difference between pre-Obamacare rates and today?

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Collective Bargaining: Kicking the can down the road

It’s not surprising my posts on the negative results of collective bargaining get responses from pro-union folk who completely ignore the content of the post. So I’m just going to throw some more facts out there so they can ignore those too. Countdown for someone to complain about the Koch brothers …. 3 … 2 …

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The Dodd Financial Bill: Thursday on the Jim Vicevich Show

Your calls plus … David John from The Heritage Foundation. John is the Senior Research Fellow in Retirement Security and Financial Markets. Listen here tomorrow.

David John is one of five experts who “exert more influence” on the Social Security debate than anyone else in Washington – and he is The Heritage Foundation’s lead analyst on issues relating to pensions, financial markets and institutions, banking regulation, asset building, and Social Security reform.

Join us as we get to the bottom of the “Dodd Bill” that would regulate financial institutions and hand more power to the White House to determine just who is too big to fail. Here’s what John has written.

There are many valid reasons to be angry with bankers, and supporters of Senator Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) latest rewrite of his financial regulatory bill, the Restoring American Financial Stability Act, have mentioned them all. Americans have heard all about greedy bankers, huge bonuses, shady accounting practices, and outright greed. But the reason for this rhetoric is nothing less than an attempt to seize control of the financial services industry and to micromanage it.

Republicans are pushing back but Democrats are pushing hard for the “Restoring American Financial Stability Act”.

Obama, speaking briefly to reporters before the closed meeting began, said he was “absolutely confident that the bill that emerges is going to be a bill that prevents bailouts. That’s the goal.”

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner later said that the cost of taking down large failing financial institutions will be borne by big banks, not taxpayers. The House and Senate bills call for funds, financed by large financial institutions, to cover the costs of liquidating firms deemed too large to go through bankruptcy proceedings.

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Missile Defense – 33 Minutes Update: Video

Update (Jim): The 33 minutes video trailer has been added to this post.

From the Heritage Foundation, here is the link to the site and the movie trailer for 33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age. Read more

A fresh look at missile defense – Update

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If you think $700 billion is nuts, wait for the Social Security rescue plan

I’ve been thinking about the bailout again. I’ve been busy, it makes me mad, so I write a little about it and leave it at that. Now I’m thinking about the next government emergency bailout – Social Security.

It will come up on us quickly. It will be a crisis. We may only have days to respond. Congress will be forced into immediate action. If you think $700 billion was a crap sandwich, what do you call a $6.5 trillion dollar emergency bailout? A crap Las Vegas-style buffet?

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