And your opinion on Dred Scott v. Sandford is?

Or how about Korematsu v. United States? Or maybe Plessy v. Ferguson? I’m quite annoyed at the people who keep saying “the Supreme Court has decided” and the debate about the so-called “Affordable” Health Care Act is over. We’re supposed to just shut up an take it? What do those of you who have called Vicevich and written to the SOS and I saying “deal with it” think of the Supreme Court decisions on slavery, internment and segregation? Should those effected just “deal with it” at the time or fight for what’s right?

I’m not at all saying we should govern by mob rule or govern by absolute majorities. Those of you who know me know it’s all about the size and scope of the federal government. It’s too damn big, has been too damn big for decades. This drives dependency. Not necessarily dependency in financial terms – although that’s a big part if it – it’s more of a “what are they going to do to solve the problems we have” type of dependency. We conservatives predicted this years ago!

As I look at a few of the state websites out there along with the federal exchange, I have to ask… Why couldn’t this all have been done with no federal government action? Why couldn’t the insurance companies have done this on their own? They did. For years we’ve been able to compare life insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance and yes, health insurance online. Heck, President Obama sold the idea suggesting it would not cost the government anything extra, so why couldn’t the people who did not have insurance before go out and shop and buy policies? They could, and I’m willing to bet the rates we see now – factoring out new state and federal mandates – are not much more than they were three years ago. Obama did not wave a magic wand to reduce the prices that were already available. But there is something more…

It’s all about the government forcing changes to behavior. Government control. How comfortable do you feel about the government controlling more and more aspects of your life? If you don’t have insurance you have to buy it. Don’t tell me some people could not afford it, I know that. There was an existing safety net out there for people called Medicare and Medicaid. States have programs for kids. For certain, many people had difficulties with medical bills, and we could have taken care of those cases in many other ways, but it was not about that. It is about control.

For those of us who are conservatives, there are plenty of bad Supreme Court decisions we’re disappointed with including Katzenbach v. McClung and Chevron v. NRDC. The Supreme Court is not perfect, and when the absolute majority of American citizens have a serious problem with it and want a law changed or voided, our congress-critters have a responsibility – a duty – to discuss it. To discuss the Founding Fathers. To discuss original intent. To discuss the power of States as compared to the federal government. And yes, to discuss the grotesque and outrageous growth of the federal government that must be stopped.

The Obamacare & Economy Effect: Part-time employee hours being cut

It’s the economy, it’s company restructuring, it’s Obamacare. Companies are reducing the hours of part-time employees as a result of changing business conditions. It’s not exclusively about Obamacare, but for the administration to claim the so-called Affordable Health Care Act is not partially responsible for any of it is pretty ridiculous.

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Obama – “Health insurance … is your right”

No, it is not. A [human] right is one that exists simultaneously between people. In no way, may one of your “rights” diminish the rights of another person. Let me explain the brutal circle here.

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Obamacare too important to allow midterm elections to destroy it

When I heard the Obama administration had unilaterally delayed an important milestone in the Affordable Health Care Act, I had to chuckle. Certainly there may have been some implementation issues, but you know this move was to delay the implementation – at the employer level – until after the midterm elections.

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Half of health care uninsured don’t know they are required to buy insurance under Obamacare

Surprise! I was quite certain a significant number of the health care uninsured – a relatively small number in the US – would not know they will be required to go out and buy health care insurance on their own. Now that everyone should be aware of the health care legislation, Gallup went out and asked a few questions.

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Info you should know: Retirement facility staff won’t help if residents have emergency

I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up! There is a story in the SF Gate about a nurse at a retirement facility who would not preform CPR on a resident who collapsed and had a heart attack. This is not something new, but standard policy for many facilities.

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Physician shortage in California leads lawmakers to consider new definition of “doctor”

More than three years ago, this website told you about the physician shortage that would be coming and we’re starting to see reaction from states as the problem becomes noticeable. California is suggesting regulation changes to expand responsibilities of nurses, physician assistants and other health care providers when it comes to patient care.

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Do you have employer sponsored coverage? Take a look at box DD on 2012 W-2

Part of the Obamacare legislation was a requirement employers who provide/sponsor health coverage let employees know how much they are dishing out for your health care insurance. You might be surprised.

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Democrat Senators: Wait, there is a medical device tax in Obamacare?

If find it pretty much unacceptable, but completely normal, for 18 Democrats to “all of a sudden” realize there is a medical device excise tax of “only” 2.3 percent in the Affordable Health Care Act. Of course, they found out about this “hidden” tax in December, after the election was over.

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As expected: Health care costs rise … insurance rates going up

As we told you. When you start mandating coverage and benefits, the costs to provide care will increase. As such, health care insurance premiums go up. Remember, insurance companies in most cases must go to the state to request premium increases and they must prove why rates must increase. They states will soon be approving 20 percent-plus increases for some policies.

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