The unasked question about Elizabeth Warren (slightly updated)

It is has been suggested that Elizabeth Warren, currently running against Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat in MA, used her self proclaimed minority status to “earn” her position at Harvard after coming from a sub Ivy institution, and having been accused of academic dishonesty.  Harvard denied, and continues to deny, that race played a role in her hiring, but listed her as a “minority”, based solely on information she provided to them.

I am sure it is purest coincidence that Harvard was in the midst of some “diversity unrest” regarding the racial makeup of its faculty, some of which our current president participated  in, in the year(s) just prior to her hiring (1992).  If Harvard was/is as racially myopic as the protesters claim, hiring an obviously white woman (blue eyed and blonde haired no less; cheekbones notwithstanding), who could claim to be a minority would be the answer to their prayers (or whatever Harvard moonbats do.  Crow at the moon?): a woman and a minority.

It would appear that Harvard has created its own Wade Churchill.  *Correction: this fraud’s name is WARD Churchill.  Thanks, JBS!

There is one question that remains unanswered: by her, or Harvard’s, use of her so called “Cherokee” heritage to obtain a coveted spot on the Harvard faculty, she must necessarily have “bumped” a legitimate minority candidate, which, given her sketchy background, seems to be what they were looking for.  At minimum, it would have unfairly tipped the scales in her direction.    Why isn’t the media, or some civil rights group pursuing this?  It would be interesting to find and speak to the other candidates for the Harvard position and ask them their opinion of the Liawatha controversy, or if Fauxcohontas deserves her position after it has been revealed that her “heritage” is so miniscule, so ethereal that real Cherokees are challenging her claims.

Has “affirmative action” run so amok that the school didn’t even do a background check to see if she really had any minority standing, or has the definition of minority, sex, etc., simply degenerated into an “I identify myself as a……..” idiocy?    Apparently so, since illegals have been given tacit permission to “identify” themselves as U.S. citizens.

The road to hell is a slippery slope of feel good legislation.


UPDATE: Warren recently tried to rub elbows with the common folk but ended up with her own “Dukakis in the tank” or “Kerry bunny suit” picture.   The cynic in me wonders if the motorcycle was an Indian motorcycle…..

Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell

While on the treadmill for the last 30 minutes, I did tune into Hannity although I should be taking the opportunity to catch up on Justified or Southland.

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Obama video from Harvard back in 1990 introducing professor Derek Bell

More than 20 years ago. BuzzFeed just posted what is describing as a “selectively edited” video of an introduction President Obama made at a 1990 protest rally at Harvard for Derek Bell. My first thought was … where is the teleprompter?

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Your school’s future? Pornographic Anti-Christian Harvard Art Show Funded By Obama’s Safe Schools Czar

I feel better now, knowing this is the kind of stuff your kids will be bringing home from school. As Gateway Pundit puts it … it’s not like these folks in the White House are Mao worshipers or anything.

I will not display the pictures here … they are in my view disgusting.  But according to Mass Resistance the Art exhibit, organized by Act Up, at Harvard  … is funded in part by none other than sage school’s czar Kevin Jennings. Here’s what Mass wrote:

This exhibit is a window into what the homosexual movement thinks of you, your children, religion, and America. It involves sexual perversion, child pornography, and anti-Catholic bigotry. And it’s what your “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings supports.

It’s at Harvard University’s prestigious Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts from Oct. 15 through Dec. 23, 2009.MassResistance was there for the opening night. It was pretty disturbing.

I strongly disagree with one sentence. It’s not what the homosexual community thinks of you. But it is what the radical homosexual community thinks of you and your God. DO NOT, condemn those who are homosexual for the acts of these radicals. But this is yet another case where people, straight and gay have to speak out and demand an explanation, from Harvard, and from our safe schools czar. Jennings need to go now.

Who knew that one day your refrigerator would be “X” rated.

Harvard: money for nothin and the dance is free

Unbelievably the Boston Globe entitled this story “The Harvard Disadvantage”.  They are referring to a special outreach program they have developed at this premier ivy league school to make “poor” scholarship students feel “more accepted” around Harvard’s elite, limousine liberal, trust fund baby, alumni kiddie, students. From the Globe:

As classmates moved into Harvard Yard that first day with parents – and in some cases, chauffeurs – driving fancy vehicles packed with boxes, Garcia arrived alone. His belongings fit into two suitcases and a backpack. His mother, a worker at an industrial laundry, and father, a janitor at a Detroit casino, could not afford the trip.

“Everyone else seemed so polished and entitled and seamlessly adapting,” Garcia recalled. “It just felt like they’d been here their whole lives. I was really intimidated. I didn’t feel like I had anything in common.”

Oh yes … he’s in Harvard, and now, no matter what your race, creed, or color … you my man are a Harvard man. Big bucks await if you work. But, no … the Globe says he’s “feeling” bad because the other kids are rich?  Wait there’s more.

To make the transition easier, Harvard has quietly expanded a fund that students can tap to pay for such things as admission to dorm dances, tutoring, winter coats, even plane tickets home. Financially, at least, their four years at Harvard would appear to be worry-free, as the school covers tuition, room, and board – close to $50,000 a year. The university has nearly doubled its investment in financial aid since 2004.

Socially, though, less-fortunate students must gingerly navigate a minefield of class chasms on a campus still brimming with legacies and wealth.

The biggest name in colleges … a $50,000 price tag, plus a name advantage now over all other students in the country, and it’s still not enough? No … the dorm dance, clothes  … what’s next, a cottage on Nantucket? Yeah, that’s it. Now you are a real Harvard man.

No … that’s not necessarily the attitude of the scholarship students at Harvard, but apparently it is the attitude of Harvard. Instead of celebrating the hard work of this student’s blue collar parents (and God bless them), and the individual achievement of the Miguel, Harvard is just dripping with pity because someone doesn’t feel good around rich people? Because these students don’t feel accepted around the limo libs? Are you kidding me? Good lord … welcome to the world of 95% of America.

Here’s what the article should have said:

Because Miguel worked his way into Harvard on his own merit and not on the back of a “rich alumni Daddy” or because he came from some famous family … the odds are all of those folks that make him uncomfortable, will be working FOR Miguel some day, because Miguel is the premiere example of personal freedom, and individual achievement, a life to be celebrated and not pitied. But then, that’s just my take.