School malpractice in Hartford – Student CMT answers altered to improve scores

The real question here … Who is responsible and who will be held responsible? An independent investigation confirmed student test answers were altered at Betances School in Hartford to improve test scores. The cheaters altered the answers and were so greedy they got caught.

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State of Connecticut Not Better after Tax Hikes

I am amazed that the lights are still on here in the great state of Connecticut.  What even amazes me more is that this state after the largest tax increase in history by the Malloy Administration has still resulted in a deficit. Read more

TEA Party Friday, April 15 at the Connecticut Capitol

Last November, TEA Party enthusiasts from all political parties sent a message to politicians – we’re Taxed Enough Already. The US House of Representatives flipped to Republican control and state legislatures across the country did the same. Will you be attending a 2011 TEA Party this Friday?

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Muslim prayers to kick off Hartford City Council meetings in September – Update

There are two questions to consider about this story. First off, have city council meetings always started with some sort of prayer or invocation, and second, will inviting local imams to perform invocations at the meetings create unity or make things worse?

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Convicted: Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez found guilty of bribery

After a long corruption investigation and a two-month trial, current Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez (D) was found guilty of bribery. He was found not guilty of fabricating evidence. Should he immediately resign?

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We are back on WTIC

Forgive me for not giving everyone more notice but everything sort of came together in the last 48 hours by everyone (and there was a lot of  every ones) involved.

I will be returning to WTIC 1080 tomorrow morning at 9 AM as we continue our work to spread of the gospel of personal freedom and individual liberty across New England and really throughout so many states around the country.

I want to first of all thank all of you who helped make this happen with your calls and e-mails, not just to CBS Radio but to me as well. It really helped all of us focus on what mattered.

Thanks to my friend and agent Steve Fryer, AFTRA’s Tom Higgins who walked the extra mile and kept everyone talking, WTIC and CBS Radio. Everyone worked really hard over the last few days to make this happen and it just shows when all parties have the same goal in mind, no obstacle is too big.

Some other names not involved in the negotiation need to be mentioned. Thanks to my friend Steve McGough, who set up the show on the Internet and kept mission alive. His work as many of you know is invaluable and too often unheralded. And finally to the behind the scenes folks, the SOS who was my biggest supporter though this and my buddy Liz.

God bless you all, especially my listeners who I value so much. With so many tough things happening today, from Mississippi to West Virginia, this seems so small and in reality, it is. I am humbled and I thank you. As always I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Hartford TEA Party scheduled tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Everyone is looking forward to the Hartford TEA Party tomorrow. Fourteen months ago, a group of concerned taxpayers gathered on a cold day at the Capital Building downtown to raise their voices. Tomorrow, the group will be much larger. Will you be there?

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Tea Party: One year anniversary UPDATE: Hot Air

A year ago about 150 people showed up for the first Connecticut Tea Party in front of the Capitol Building. Just  few months later more than 3000 made their way to the capitol and the movement in New England took off. Read more

Grassroots? Umm … yeah

Nancy Pelosi sure won’t like this … but I wanted to take a moment to point to two posts that point out the grassroots nature of the Tea Parties today. The first comes from Brainflation who reported on the Hartford rally for the Huffpost.

One of the organizers identified as Rick reluctantly volunteered as a grassroots organizer when other leadership failed to surface. He jokingly wondered when he’d be receiving his check in response to claims by some media outlets that the Tea Parties were a product of the RNC or other national Republican organizations. There was a variety of material being passed around from multiple organizations including the Campaign for Liberty and Federation of Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations but the lack State or National Republican representation at the event gave credibility to the grassroots claim. Organizers were deliberate in their exclusion of politicians and candidates from the microphone citing a desire to prevent a genuine citizen movement from being hijacked by the agendas of the same politicos who brought on the need for protests.

Indeed. I know Rick … he’s still looking for contributions to help defray the cost. Just so you know.

And here’s what the Kansas City Star reported today.

Democrats and other skeptics are desperate to dismiss the tea parties that popped up across the country today. Kansas City political consultant Steve Glorioso told The Star they were being staged by the “same far right fringe characters driven in large part by talk radio.”
This eagerness to explain away this movement is telling, suggesting the skeptics see these gatherings as a real threat. Certainly the tea parties have an anti-Obama slant, but what we’re seeing is something outside the normal dynamics of Democrat-Republican tension.

It is a real threat … but just to politicians who do not pay attention … and spend our money too freely for their benefit. And here is what Glenn Reynolds wrote in the WSJ this morning.

So who’s behind the Tax Day tea parties? Ordinary folks who are using the power of the Internet to organize. For a number of years, techno-geeks have been organizing “flash crowds” — groups of people, coordinated by text or cellphone, who converge on a particular location and then do something silly, like the pillow fights that popped up in 50 cities earlier this month. This is part of a general phenomenon dubbed “Smart Mobs” by Howard Rheingold, author of a book by the same title, in which modern communications and social-networking technologies allow quick coordination among large numbers of people who don’t know each other.

If you are not afraid (ha!)… it’s worth the entire read.

Photos and video from the Hartford Tax Day Tea Party

I’m creating a post specifically for all of the photos and videos that people send to us from the Hartford, New Haven and Greenwich Tea Parties that have been – or will be – held today. This post continues to be updated as more images come in! Come back later… we’ll probably have more photos.

All the thanks to organization of this event goes to the grass-roots effort of Rick! Rick has more Hartford Tea Parties in the works. The Connecticut State Police and Capital Police did an awesome job, at the event. Some attendees were asking why you were video taping… but special thanks goes out to them from all of the attendees. Thanks!

If you have pictures or links to YouTube videos, send them to [e-mail address removed, we’ve got a good selection posted] and we’ll do our best to upload them to this post. Speaking of pictures, Malkin has some images from around the country.

Click on any image to expand, and then you can scroll through the others.

Hartford (Crowd estimate by police is 3,000, but organizers state that 5,000 rolled through during a three hour period). Video and photos from Jim, plus RVO readers mamaria, dialupPete, Lucinda M., Leslie B., Bill H. and Gene C.


tea-party-05 tea-party-04 tea-party-03

tea-party-01 tea-party-06 hfd-tea-party-10

hfd-tea-party-11 hfd-tea-party-12 hfd-tea-party-13

hfd-tea-party-14 hfd-tea-party-15 hfd-tea-party-16

hfd-tea-party-17 hfd-tea-party-18 hfd-tea-party-19



New Haven (courtesy Peter A)

nh-tea-party-04 nh-tea-party-01 nh-tea-party-02


Naples, Fla. (courtesy some Connecticut/Rhode Island snowbirds residing in a state with no income tax)

naples-tea-party-01 naples-tea-party-02 naples-tea-party-03

naples-tea-party-04 naples-tea-party-05 naples-tea-party-06