Reid’s petty politics

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to repeal a very unpopular section of Obamacare. That was the piece that required all businesses to submit an IRS Form 1099 disclosing any purchases they made from anyone if the total amount of purchases exceeded $600 per year.

We told you a bit about this burdensome law last year, as well as earlier attempts, led by Senator Mike Johanns (R. Neb.), to repeal it.  Between then and now, the political landscape has changed, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D. Nv.) hasn’t skipped a beat.

After the November election, repeal of the 1099 provision kept gaining traction.  In late November Sen. Johanns reintroduced his repeal bill.  This time he had 61 Senators ready to vote for the repeal, including 21 democrats.  But, as repeal of any piece of Obamacare was unthinkable, Senator Reid simply changed the rules (as he could) so that the bill would need 67 votes to pass.

During the State of the Union Address, the President signaled that he was more than willing to “work” with the republicans to do whatever it took to make Obamacare better.  Senator Reid picked up on this signal, and decided to was time to vote on the 1099 repeal.  But, there was a problem.  The only bill in existence belonged to a republican, and, if anyone was going to lead this charge, in Reid’s mind, it had to be a democrat.

Enter Senator Debbie Stabenow (D. Mi.), who, coincidentally is up for re-election in 2012.  She took the Johanns bill, changed five insignificant words, and, voila, the democrats could claim ownership of repeal.  When it came time to attach the repeal bill to a pending FAA bill that was sure to pass, Reid refused to allow the Johanns bill to come to the floor.  Instead, he would only allow a vote on the Stabenow bill .

These actions don’t really speak volumes about Senator Reid…those volumes have already been penned.  But, what does it say about the character of Sen. Stabenow?

Had any of us done that when submitting a school term paper as our own, it would have been called plagiarism.

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Stray cats, dogs and other sneaky things

As someone who has been following the health care bills, I read Steve’s recent post with interest.  All along in this process President Obama has pledged to the American people that if they wanted to keep their current health insurance they could, as nothing in any of the proposed bills would prohibit that, or make it difficult.

Last Friday, however, the President said,

…stray cats and dogs…got in there… And I think that some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge.

Let’s examine that statement.  The first incarnation of Obamacare was what we refer to as the Kennedy/Dodd bill. At page 103 we are told that whether you like your plan or not, unless you have a ‘qualified plan” you will pay a tax.

Next we had the Waxman bill. At pages 15-16 and page 167 we are told the same thing.

Then came the Pelosi bill… your insurance is “grandfathered in (i.e. no tax) as long as your insurer makes absolutely no changes in coverage and doesn’t accept one more insured. If that happens, you will pay a tax. (see page 91).

And finally we got the Reid bill. At pages 97 and 100, we were told that there was no need to leave your present coverage, but, unless it was a “qualified” plan, you would have to pay a tax.

Bottom line in all bills, the government made it virtually impossible to keep the insurance you had, whether you liked it or not, unless you were willing to pay a tax, or increased premiums to obtain a “qualified” plan.

Believing the president, the provisions that violated his pledge to the American public were “snuck” in by Sen. Kennedy (D-Mass.), Sen. Dodd (D-Conn.), Rep. Waxman (D-Calif.), House Speaker Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Sen. Reid (D-Nev.).

What part of all of these proposed bills did the president either fail to read, or fail to comprehend?

UPDATE (Jim): Here’s the video one more time courtesy of Steve’s post.


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A letter from Congress and the President to Medicare health care recipients

Let me begin by wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas on behalf of President Obama, and your Congress. As you know, through my tireless efforts, we were able to bribe enough senators, enabling the Senate to pass its version of health care reform on Christmas Eve.

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ObamaCare Forevah!

Senator Jim DeMint has uncovered what may very well be the most outrageous aspect of a totally outrageous Health Care Bill. From Hot Air and Red State … Harry Reid has included a provision requiring a super majority in the Senate to amend any aspect or portion of ObamaCare. It’s a rule change tucked in legislation which makes it suspect to begin with and binds a future Congress to legislation that as DeMint says, may very well be unconstitutional. Not that that has stopped the Dems. The key portion begins at 6:00


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Update by Steve: Others covering this important topic include Sister Toldjah and Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs.

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