Never let a crisis go to waste – guaranteed paid time off when sick

In an effort to take advantage of the swine flu “crisis”, a California Democrat has suggested the federal government pass a law to demand employers provide up to five days of sick time if an employee is told to stay home if they are sick.

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NY state health care workers rally against flu shots

Well now … if these workers won’t get a government mandated flu shot … imagine how they will react when the government mandates insurance. Not exactly a Tea Party protest … but the message is clear. Even government workers don’t like government intrusion.

Registered nurse Frank Mannino, 50, was also angry. He said the state regulation violates his personal freedom and civil rights. “And now I will lose my job if I don’t take the regular flu shot or the swine flu shot.” When asked if he’s willing to lose his job, Mannino said, “Absolutely. I will not take it, will not be forced. This is still America.”

The protest also shook Albany Tuesday. Hundreds of demonstrators demanded freedom of choice. After all, as health care professionals they argue they’re already constantly washing their hands and aren’t likely to transmit or contract the flu.

Here’s a link to the whole video at CBS 2. Below is a clip from yesterday’s broadcast.


My favorite sign … Hmmmm. Where have I seen this before? All libertarians at heart?

State does not own body sign flu

The Rappin Doctor

He is medical director for the Long Island Rail Road. He credits his wife Elizabeth, a nurse, for coming up with the idea.

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