The Government strikes again: Gulf fisherman who don’t work get more than those who do

Now, I know you’re saying, “Oh brother Jim, why does this not surprise me?”. Well it does not surprise me but still, it such a sad example of how the government: a. does not value hard work and initiative and b. is clueless when it comes to compensation. Maybe its because no one in this White House has run a business? Read more

Clinton to Obama: First plug the hole

Clinton’s exclusive interview on CNN with Wolf is being framed as the former President voicing support for the current one. But that’s not exactly how I heard it. True, he starts with an Obama attaboy, but it doesn’t end that way.

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Obama’s off-shore drilling commission

Jim spoke briefly about this on today’s show…let me fill in the rest of the blanks. Obama appointed a seven person commission to delve into the cause of the Gulf oil spill, and to recommend ways to make drilling safer.

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It begins: New Orleans demands $75 million from BP

Yesterday, the president was successful in getting BP executives to fork over $20 billion – probably just a deposit – towards funding an escrow account to pay claims. The federal government’s success provided clearance for the city of New Orleans to do the same. They want $75 million.

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When you attack BP you attack people – not a “corporate entity”

It certainly feels good to put the screws to BP doesn’t it? The $20 billion to be paid over years (with a government lien on BP assets) into the federal government’s shakedown escrow fund does nothing to stop the flow of oil or clean up the mess. But what has it really done?

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Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour on drilling – don’t stop

Well here’s the question of the day. Should we stop deep water drilling until the cause of the New Horizon rig explosion is known? Two Gulf Governors say no. Read more

The Gulf oil spill: It’s Bush’s fault … continuuuuued

The Sunday Morning talk shows were a blame game fest and frankly at this point it’s become obnoxious. Don’t you think. But the facts are simple … someone should tell these clowns Bush is not in charge of the clean-up … Obama is. He said so. Read more

Carville to the DC elite: Hey if Louisiana were Nantucket you guys would be all over this

Actually James, they would have the hired help sucking it up with straws if they had to. Can’t say I disagree with anything James says here. If he keeps this up pretty soon Carville will reach folk hero status. Ta think? Read more

Matthews thinks BP executives should be executed or something like that

Actually I am not sure what he means. In last night’s segment Matthews had a couple lefty ecoguests on to discuss the BP oil spill and course he uses it as an opportunity to wage war not just on BP but capitalism too. Read more