Verbal “Bomb” throwing Democrat runs from Fox

Congressman Weiner called him “one fry short of a happy meal”. I would say that’s pretty close. I am sure Congressman Alan Grayson thinks this is his way of becoming comsequential but it’s clear when he called Fed employee Linda Robertson a”K street whore”, he jumped the shark.

A couple days ago O’Reilly sent Griff Jenkins to the Capitol to chase down the whacky wonder from Orlando to get him to respond to the various verbal bombs he has been tossing at Republicans, Cheney, women, Fox, conservatives, yada, yada, etc, etc. Purely for your entertainment.


Oh, and here’s a montage of the best of Alana Grayson. I have included a few that Sean Hannity left out. That’s no knock on Hannity … there’s just so much and so little time.


I am pretty much guessing the Congressman’s 15 minutes are just about up. Or am I being too optimistic?

UPDATE: For those of you looking for real news … Don’t miss the latest post from the former Asst US Attorney / law professor (and my sister) on the real cost of Obamacare. Just add it to her long list of great “news” posts on this crummy government health care proposal.