European Union to confiscate savings in Cyprus in return for bailout

The plan put forth by European finance ministers is to outright confiscate 9.9 percent from any person with a Cyprus bank account with more than €100,000 ($129,000 US). Of course, there are not many accounts holders who have that much cash, so ministers went after everyone else too, demanding 6.7 percent from anyone with cash in the bank.

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Will the European Union’s open border policy hold over time?

In my opinion the kerfuffle started back in 2008 and 2009 when a select few European countries were willing to take in released Guantanamo Bay detainees and others refused. The open border policy between most of Europe is now causing more heartburn, with some countries planning to take a much closer look at people crossing borders.

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Dr. Zero: Hostage to Debt … Plus CK: Stop the madness now … before it’s too late

Human Events John Hayward (AKA Dr. Zero) says … even if Democrats won’t admit it … liberalism is destined to implode. Plus CK says bring it on. Video below the fold. Read more