Politicians loaning their own campaigns money … collecting high interest revenue

What an ingenious revenue-generating idea! Politicians are loaning their own campaign money and letting the cash sit in campaign coffers at an interest rate MUCH higher than bank rates. The politicians collect the interest and keep it for themselves, allowing for an ongoing money-laundering scheme.

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John Murtha’s airport to nowhere continues to get federal subsidies

The people of the United States need to be aware of the federal government subsidies that are handed out to local communities on a regular basis, and they need to realize this graft is unconstitutional. If you want it in your state, pay for it yourself. Stop depending on what you refer to as “free” money from Washington, it’s not free and it’s destroying our country.

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Sarah Palin almost gets it – Solving the graft problem in Congress

In an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal this morning, Sarah Palin writes about graft inside the beltway, and the recently released “Throw Them All Out” by Peter Schweizer. Her suggestion to increase transparency and add layers of bureaucracy to monitor and restrict financial moves by members of Congress might work at the state level, but in Washington it would be treating symptoms, not the disease itself.

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Senate health care bill provides $100 million to Louisiana

I am so sick and tired of the highfalutin language in Congressional legislation. There is no reason they need to put in crazy formulas describing who gets how much cash. Unless of course, you want to hide $100 million in bribes to ensure a senator votes for health care.

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Follow the money – graft is everywhere

It’s not just Democrats. It’s not just Republicans. It’s politicians from all over the country – elected to serve small towns, big cities and the United States – who have bought into the FDR New Deal philosophy of government hook, line and sinker. That era defines the beginning of government involvement in almost every aspect of our lives. It is the root cause of the financial situation we are in now.

When government gets into everything, power players get to play games with graft, political corruption, quid pro quo. You get to hand out cash for favors. Unfortunately the cash comes directly from government budgets. Since even small town budgets are so huge these days, you can easily hide $85 grand or so.

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